Thursday, September 18, 2008

PDX Art presents Ryan Burns

Ryan Burns
is using waste paper to make rubbings of old stumps from trees cut by loggers to create a documentation of trees that were once alive and well.
The reused paper for the rubbings include architectural plans and billboard pieces.
Some are as large as 10 feet long.

Ryan wants to force a dialogue about our silent acceptance of this destruction of our future.

you can see his Art right now at

He was previously one of the best artists at the Milepost Five show a multi-disciplinary art exhibition presented at Milepost 5 in conjunction with Portland Art Center
held in May. Gavin Shettler of Milepost 5 invited local curators Chris Haberman (Portlandcityart) and Ben Pink (Launchpad Gallery) to select artists and arts groups from around the city to participate in this sprawling and expansive survey of our local art scene. Haberman and Pink filled 30+ rooms of the soon-to-be inhabited Lofts building. Each artist or arts group had chosen a room to fill with artwork. Rayn Burns impressed with an outstanding installation that included a scate ramp and uge scrolls in memory of past glory.

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