Saturday, September 6, 2008

Portland PDX Art, TBA 2008 on sight "the new absurdists"

With the help of her artistic worker bees Kristan Kennedy did it again blowing us away with a visual orgy that goes beyond the ordinary judgment of aesthetics and beauty to reveal the absurd aspects of our life. It is an open invitation to visit the corners of the world and the nooks of our own mind where chaos harbors next to harmony where magic dances next to disgust.
My first impulse was to run out of the exhibit to save my sanity but as I lingered I realized the shear joy that was lurking behind the facades and all of a sudden I felt at home in the midst of this scattered enviroment where craziness is as normal as living day by day in suburbia.

thanks Kristan for your courage
and thanks to PICA to make it all possible

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