Sunday, March 29, 2009

PDX ART: Double Vision

Opening First Thursday April 2 at Everett Station Lofts Virtuoso Studio

We don't see the same way when we see the same thing.
We don't feel equally strong about anything but still we manage to align our self’s to each other’s needs and visions.
Science has begun to proof that our minds are able to synchronize their frequency if we align for a common cause.
Teams have moved mountains; artists have collaborated to create works in unison.
Our realm is dubbed Duality but our goal seems to be unity in Oneness.
There are at least two aspects to everything fighting for recognition.
The world can be separated in black & white, have and have not's, the Age of Enlightenment or the Dark Ages and we inhabit an environment divided by day and night.
We argue the pros and contra’s on every encounter and supposedly end up in heaven or hell.
"Double Vision" is an idea about two painters playing in one room creating twin pieces or art work that relates too or discards the others vision.
Light handed strokes on heavy wood and dense ideas on floating canvases play for our attention to be judged as good or bad, successful or disappointing.

Ultimately it doesn't matter what the outcome is because the effort has already been rewarded by the interplay of idea and its consequential materialization.

The audience is the witness to the act and opinions are the result of the dare as styles mix and mingle with shapes and forms of expression.

All is offered as a gift to the observer so that he too can be part of this process we call Art while others might call it vanity.
The story behind its purpose will stay secret, a secret that can only be revealed by serious engaged contemplation.

Everyone’s opinion doubles as someone else’s vision in this realm of duplicity where we are at heart mirror images of each other.
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