Saturday, March 21, 2009

PDX Art: Richard Schemmerer at PDX Contemporary Art Gallery

First Thursday
April 2 from 6--9 PM

Artist Statement

“Never good enough”

We are born precious, treasured, loved, and priceless; growing into something judged less desirable, not pretty slim tall or blond enough.
When we turn on the TV we find out that we are not compatible. When we open a magazine we feel like we can’t compete with all the air brushed beauty.
After awhile we start to feel inadequate, less worthy than others and we compensate by buying into a failed strategy thinking that there is a product or a procedure or an alteration that works as a miracle to make us more than we are meant to be.
We hire designers, schedule appointments with stylist and getting dependent on external fulfillment.
We become beggars for attention and suckers for Mega-conglomerates which promise us a vast array of products, must haves that are supposed to make us feel worthy.

Even religion chases us deep into our psyche claiming that we are born with a flaw and doomed to miss the mark.

We have the power to turn off this spin cycle and to realize that each person is unique and lovable just the way they are and that everything else is just manipulation to make some companies very rich.

This installation is not trying to trivialize the issue and is only a small attempt to shine a light on this dark spot in our consumer mentality and to create awareness that equality has many more layers than just race or sexual orientation and that we live in a society that constantly discriminates on some level without ever being conscious of it.
Richard Schemmerer

"Never good enough "
window installation
Richard Schemmerer
PDX Contemporary Art

Tuesday - Saturday
11 am - 6 pm

925 NW Flanders
Portland, Oregon 97209

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member of PADA
Portland Art Dealers Association
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