Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PDX Art: "Fire in the Face"

FIRE no I don't mean the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals and I don't even want to know what that stands for
but I am talking more about what Bruce Springsteen sings about in
"Fire" like words thrown carelessly like fire in your face or a soul fire like a drive by shooting with bullets that just missed you to let you go on as if nothing happened or fire as an element of alchemy that transforms you like only a paradigm shift can.
Fire as the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education fire as born out off and return to the source fire that belongs to all and made the rise of human consciousness possible.
There is a fire in me that burns in reaction to all influences I am exposed too and creates combustion in my heart to push me towards a meltdown of my resistance and towards unity.
Fire is the element for change a burning down of old facades that leads to renewed action and calls to built a better foundation.
Fire in Art represents destruction or enlightenment and is a call to mobilize all our strenght so we can test what we are made off.
Fire connects us to our lowest instincts and to our highest standards it bridges macro and micro cosmos.
All humans are small power plants burning fuel/food in a nuclear reaction to provide energy for our daily routines.

Energy itself is neutral not good or bad just is and so is life and its force.

Fire shows us the secrets of life and that only a blinded mind beliefs in his own judgements.
The symbolism of the Phoenix rising gives us a clue on how to behave in a 3D world with its possibilities and limitations.
Its up to us what kind of fire we are going to represent is it going to be an all consuming self indulged force or a flame that lights up the way for each other.
I attempt to be the fire that consumes itself to prepare the ground for the new crop and to resurrect itself to complete its cycle of life.

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