Thursday, September 10, 2009


Pica can be a disorder characterized by an appetite for a substance not necessarily nutritious or can be a strange appetite for some things that may be considered foods, such as food for thought
In this case PICA refers to The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art which allows artists to explore the limits of artistic creation. PICA challenges the audiences to open their preconceived notions of what Art should be like a can of worms to throw them into the ocean of past conventions.

I am a moving image a hybrid of action and contemplation on someone else’s screen
a time based event a blurb captured like a rare animal in the brains data bank
only for a brief moment to be released again back into the wild of an image jungle.

I am more than just a penis walking talking
At least I want too
I am more than a time based event with a beginning and a pre-defined end
At least I pretend too
I am more than a feeding organism that excrement's what it can’t digest
At least I wish too
I am more than a bag of flesh and bones that can’t protect itself
At least I hope so

It is futile to try to depict time in Art to capture the moment of contemporary morbidity.
With my eyes closed I am just a floating something with my eyes open I am a nation with borders and rules.
Form without reason is none described I might as well have no form at all.

Down on my knees I revel in the leaves that gave their life to provide oxygen as absurd that may sound and that sound is only an afterthought of an action that has already happened just like in Art the moment of creation has already transpired but we are still able to linger in its aura in its after effect and as the organ that observes we become its final witness.
From then on it is in us where this moment finds a semi permanent harbor and lives on by docking on to our brains interior and by altering its capacity.

It is not given to us to step inside of our brain or outside of time still conscious but Art can provide such rapture that moments collapse like colossal fragments to dissolve into pure experience.
The self forgets its division even its existence for a brief period and the sap of creation is mingling with our blood stream to reach beyond the brain barrier for a higher elevation where time is so thin that it is impossible to trace it back to its starting out point and it stops to be relevant.

Lost in vowels I retreat into the void the void which has been left by a memory that has no memory but is like a feeling like an imprint that something occurred out of the ordinary of our force field because the witness had become one with the event so no observation was recorded only pure experience still illuminates the horizon like the sun that has set but keeps on shining on the other side.

TBA short for time based Art is like masturbation you have to experience it alone to reap its totality otherwise the watcher will disturb the ripples of pleasure and judge the technique and grade the result.
Time based Art exists because there still exists a need in us to do something without a commercial or monetary benefit. TBA is a place outside the time space continuum where the only sense we try to make is to be one with our senses.
It is a place where the hand has stopped making the mind has left thinking and doing has stopped existing.
When the floater becomes the float survival of time based art is guaranteed and the audience has ceased to exist as a separate entity but is now the water that carries its creation.

TBA is
PICA Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s yearly convergence of cutting edge performance, dance, music, new media and visual arts in Portland, Oregon.
The Time-Based Art (TBA) Festival happens from September 3-13, 2009
with an array of visual art display in multiple old and new disciplines
until October 18 in various venues all over Portland

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