Saturday, October 24, 2009

PDX Art: "D Squared what" by Richard Schemmerer

D Squared what? Or why wearing shoes in the sand deprives you of an essential experience.

Sculls are back in sure they never went away but they were un- cool since the obvious death of Rock Roll.
I see them everywhere on little babies t-shirts mostly with wings behind them, yeah wings are back too so are vampires.
When you combine them all and throw in the enormous success of the Harry Potter franchise and the 50 millions who bought into Left Behind quatsch myth you realize that they have also shaved their balls and tattooed their soul while we were asleep in the theater of our life.
The back stage antics have moved to frontal public nudity exposure staged with daily news shows/briefs and other turts thrown our way on I am a Comedian Central.
Gossip is channeled on media channels everyday life into our personal households.
We don’t need Shirley McClain anymore to know what it feels like to be out on the limb with the paranormal as we watch ghost hunters, the medium and James Van Prack talking to the dead while we cook 30 minute meals.
We have Extra, E and the inside edition to our exposal and Perez Hilton as cultural garbage disposal, semi hard reality shows, the soup, dirty Harry jobs, home buyers virgins and who can top that top model running us 24/7 inspiring to create our own home channel with having a camera taped to our head like one of these pure creatures on the Nature channel.
Orwell was right and wrong sure there are GOV cameras everywhere but they are harmless compared to the video revolution. I sure the KGB would have been proud of us we too make excellent agents as we spy on each other for fuck ups to be presented and rewarded with price money on Funniest Video crap.
Everyone is a videographer filming private moments to b exploited as fun fodder.
Food is art as giant cakes are built up like dysneyfied theme parks with parts and glass like sugar figurines then there is nothing is bigger than craft Martha Stuart empire with its glue guns and razor sharp succors cutting through the old house wife mentality and taking over new territories of creativity like on a mission from the craft god.
Curating , designing, staging have become expressive ways to unleashing the inner tiger as art and has shape shifted like origami refolding itself into ever new demographics.
Toilets have become self cleaning and shower heads mimic the down poor in the rain forest as we built our home spas with an expert’s eye.
The underground has been redecorated with Velvet, Satin, Bamboo and manmade Stone that is sprinkled with recycled bottled glass.
The formative years are presented color coded in magazine layouts or on R. M’s evilish empire My Space or your Space but fancy but overpriced sneakers are still the rage.
Silhouettes are barely audible as the move disappearing in slim looking black studded water and metal proof materials to prevail at the school yard and to project invincibility.
Life is a cat walk for still domesticated but working house wife’s who are not too sexy for their body but have it cut and sucked to shape getting extra credit for wearing wonder bras underneath perfectly organized portfolios quilted and hand stitched to specification to make you feel right at home in the home office.
Shopping channels are run over by celebrities who also have become merchants of various product lines hawking with smiles on lifted faces oversized bracelets and lifestyle accessories.
It takes a huge diamond in our days to convince your bride that you love her more than it takes to complete a one night stand; a few decades ago it took a herd of cattle’s.
Well suited we move through business parks trying to keep up with constant change.
Carriers are calculated on lab tops and analyzed by on-line services for best impact on a specified demographic.
Stock options are promised to the elite in their field with a key to the corporate kingdom while everyone else is kept on one degree above poverty level to keep the flow a small change going and keep them as a homegrown cheap labor force to keep competitive with foreign market regimes.
Everyone is so happy to secure minimum wage that they have 2 or 3 jobs on that level and freed of the burden of healthcare everyone has become their own doctor creating home remedies like in the middle Ages. Retirement funds have been eliminate because nobody is expected to retire anyway and because life is not fair never was never will be.
Pop culture is still like the vulture it’s always been scavenging the best parts from previous culture kills.
Pop culture is there to entertain the masses on welfare and to make us all forget the big cheese dream because we can have a reproduction of it for much less in “Dress and live for less but you don’t even feel like less outlet stores.”
It is not that Art or painting is dead but that our understanding of it has been deadened.
Artists have turned themselves into polymaths because that was the next best thing to being an oligarch or a barista for the Star B. chain which doesn’t give the same feeling of self graduations.
Artist’s messages are becoming so oblique as to not offend a potential buyers market while subject matter is spun off like syndicated sitcoms from previous epochs just like episodes of the new soaps seem identical with old story lines.
As the world turns the world seems to have become more complex and everyone once to be its decoder for financial and capital gain but really it is the same old place just more under a media magnifying glass and more access outlets to watch it.
If you unplug yourself it is still the same old world with the same dictators of governments, religious dogmatist and taste manipulators and century old conflicts are still played out just the weapon systems seem to change.
We still have the same desires the same needs and the same shortcomings.

Painting is still a romantic notion even if it is a portrait of a dead animal ripped open with its gut hanging out painstakingly painted in photorealistic style and lucid oils.
We are trying to reach the future but are constantly harking back to the past. The woods are still calling into our genetic jungle reminding us that at the stem of our brain you still find the basics of a reptile encoded as we go higher up we find the constructs of all previous evolutionary cross roads still sitting there ready with their desires and their instincts to jump us into high gear and take us on a wild ride back down the evolutionary ladder.
Our brain is earths treasure chest its conscious memory bank and just because we learned to walk upright and developed a frontal lobe we are able to self reflect and think that we are understanding abstract concepts like Art and Mathematics.
Aesthetic is acquired eroticism preferred over bruit behavior. Storms of emotional upheaval are calmed with logic and meditation to keep the amygdale from firing up neurons like in an imagined battle field.
Knowledge rules the roost of vices tapping deep into mythology and religion.
Cross pollination is spreading across cultural barriers inseminating our brains with fresh wish lists for old traditions.
Nothing equals the advent of modern science but our ancient human equation is still waiting to be expanded on.
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