Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PDX Art: 'Tempo" by Richard Schemmerer


as in speed in light flickering in front my visual field like frenetic dancers at a White Bird performance.
Speed like a chronic disease that keeps me always just off balance off center.
The chase is on as I act like a ghostwriter in my own life as landscapes fly by like fighter jets on an oversea mission.
I zip by in my safe the planet zippy zip car sipping on a giant never ending soda pop texting while I take pictures of fly by trees and blurry furry horses.
A planet I hardly recognize anymore as part of me or truer more to the point me part of it.
All I see is highways and shortcuts which dictate the tempo in my life.
Environments fly by like stealthy bats on the hunt in murky twight light.
Randomly I focus I pick I give attention too as I constantly reshape my destiny while erasing the memory of yesterdays topography from my brains storage bank and replace it with green screens which enable me to project whatever fantasy back round I dream up onto it.
In reality I am passing toothless earth mounds, sterile designated parking areas, artificial playgrounds,
Industrial zones, shaped men-scaped lands and tree farms with trees fertilized to feed paper mills.
My life has become one long flash back as I watch in shock & awe true nature on beautiful filmed nature programs that are free of the warning that extinction is just around the corner.
Maybe that’s why I don’t look anymore because nature reminds me that I am guilty maybe not with murder but for sure of negligent homicide.
Because I know as well as you do that I could have done much more to save the planet from people like me who know how serious it is but just want to squeeze a little bit more fun out of it before the roller coaster leaves his predestined track and starts to fly back out into to space.
Do you remember what the first astronauts said.
“You got to see it from out of space to realize
that it is worth preserving”.

And so I wait and hope that it will happen soon
while I keep driving by like
an unwelcome visitor
in my own life.

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