Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Headlines & Time bombs

Headlines & Time bombs

Tick, tick who is there?
The mission winds down like a wound up doll that lost its spring.
“Shock and Awe” stepped way outside the law and took down the empire that had missed its step by side stepping justice and equality.
The math doesn’t count up in the schools for the children and their parents, brothers, sisters, relatives working at the world’s largest retailer in a fight for survival.
The “By the way Walmart Nation” doesn’t care for a cure for all; says cut it down after years of fights to trigger options and selective choices.
Congress is infiltrated on boyhe sites by "The Family" which stands for all things against family.

20 years ago the Wall came down in Germany but political philosophies don’t die that quickly only war zones shift shape like designer dresses and hem lines so no one remembers the same old patterns.

8 years into Afghanistan and the walls are not budging. Do you know how they feel, do you care to know?

The grave yard for empires is standing up to killer drones, to the rumors and to the accusations while Poppy fields still bloom in bloody red letting heroin flow into Russia youth as if it where an elixir of love and not hate.

Runaways disappear in human trade and street violence takes on many shades.
Freedom can’t ever be taken for granted or worn as a badge of honor; freedom has to be deserved, has to grow bigger than its old form of dynasty by ever adjusting to crueler challenges.

Who is your Stuart, what are you serving, whom are you going to mentor?

Global forces shift the home ground. Legal slaves formed from the dirt of illigal aliens run the show of commerce while their homeland becomes a travel destination.

Colonization of the mind skips no beat for profit and “Colonias” provide the exclusive amenities for the life styles of the better 1% of the world while the streets of our home towns are littered with homeless, run ways, addicts, outcasts and the unwelcome.

It’s time to look pretty; the season of giving is coming to the store next to you; it’s time to plan for the parties that ring in a new year.

Al Gore says it’s our choice while the Lord of the Dance takes a chance to fight to get our attention.

Sleeping under a bridge is not the same as being sleepless in Seattle.

Let them pick berries let them dig the yards and clean the highways from fast food litter, give em some card boards and call them a name because that’s’ what they are used to get because there is nothing to gain but shame.

Icons don’t grow on heaps of abuse and independence is nothing like scavenging for cigarette butts and empty cans in the trash of an oblivious society.

Oprah can’t save us all even though her money could go a long way.

Just to be with one to receive respect is at the core of what makes us feel human.
We expect the unexpected but forget to build up expectation.

A train in the bedroom circling around the ledge of dreams promises a quick getaway but life has other plans doesn’t know of worlds built from dreams.
It has its own stations, places to go and stops to make; not all lead to a permanent revolution of the mind or heart some lead back the same road because something had been lost on the way while rushing ahead of one’s self.

Success on any level is like a field of weeds to be tended too that includes weeding.
One can have a home and be homeless; to experience redemption one has to redeem one’s self.
Remember not every train will stop for us no matter how desperate we are to get away on it.
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