Monday, November 9, 2009

PDX Art: "Pay off time"

Pay off time

A pond becomes my mirror
A tree becomes my soul
A bone shows me direction
An empty soda can reveals its truth
A falling leave serves as an omen
Do you want to super size your order now

Not everything needs to be meaningless
But not all things have a deeper meaning
If it can be bought it is not priceless
A strip joint can reveal more
About the trappings of entertainment
Expose more than whirling naked flesh

Humanity is on judgments bench
Taking stock of its path of events
Grooming and upbringing are questioned
Accusations are bouncing of histories walls
Defenses are let down in retrospect
A jury will preside over verdict and punishment

A pond becomes more than a pond
A mirror has no choice but to reflect
The tree loses its decorative foliage
With the change of season comes rebirth
A bone is rediscovered by a dog

A soda can is picked up by a bum to be recycled
Moods change like shopping habits
Days come and go altering the meaning of one’s life
Charge cards have expiration dates
Everything keeps giving until it is pay off time
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