Friday, August 26, 2011

PDX Art: The 2nd annual NEW BROW of Portland at the PCPA

"if the Bush years are over why are we still in such a mess"

mixed media on canvas

Richard Schemmerer

New Brow of Portland is curated by artist Chris Haberman

NEW BROW is a new defining term (from Europe of course) to define art of the “outsider” or “low brow” nature, for the next generation. These terms, outsider and low brow, are a bit demeaning in juxtaposition to the gallery world, and the “fine art” made in these areas today, especially in Portland, in comic realms, poster art, tattooing, paintings, and fine art, are very much a skilled effort, or a NEW BROW approach to art, versus the Old World definition of “Outsider” - art made by the insane. Although, still within the realm of “edgy”, this form of pop-art defines our world, and these are some of Portland’s best, and definitely my favorites of our city.” -

—Chris Haberman, curator

The Portland Center for the Performing Arts and Chris Haberman featuring pieces from 50 local artists who are contributing to a new kind of art form by challenging the old conceptions of art as dated and limiting and creating a new class of emerging alternative artists.

"New Brow" art is a re purposing of the terms "outsider" and "low brow," which originally signified lesser art forms and now includes comic art, street art, paintings, skate art, fine art, poster art recycle art, collage and assemblage allowing for a more cutting edge approach to art as we knew it.

This type of art has been developing in a rambunctious underground art scene that has all of a sudden gained notoriety and has been displayed even in museum shows such as the MOCA. It finally gained national recognition as a serious new art practice and countless installations have found big audiences worldwide.

New Brow of Portland is curated by artist Chris Haberman

New Brow of Portland 2nd annual show
Once again Chris Haberman and Jason Brown are pulling together 50 Portland artists for this wonderful show at the Performing Arts Center and I am pleased to be included. Opening 5pm-9pm Art Bar at the Performing Arts Center Sept 1st, 2011

The Portland Center for the Performing Arts is the region's premier performing arts venue management organization.
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