Saturday, October 15, 2016

Everything Real at Hap Gallery

Reality is what we perceive as such but then their is a reality in between that is constantly reinventing itself and in the process changes our perception of it. Basically what seems solid and eternal is undergoing constant alterations and is in a state of flux even while we observe objectively. So what seems real is only real in an unreal way.

curated by Chase Westfall and Iris Williamson

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Transformative by Richard Schemmerer

Every Rose garden has weeds every mind has thought pests to be eradicated if one wants to harvest beauty.
Nothing stands in the way for us to be the attendant to be the one that curates the brain. We blame others and fall into the trap of hate instead of using the same energy to make a truly lasting difference in our environment. we think that is easier to use our power to gain more control but instead we are losing out to fear. We have access to transformative powers that don't require to tare down others or the house of hope. It is the mind that leads our actions and little steps, small decisions can have already a huge impact on the trajectory of our life.
The future is just a thought away. What is yours going to be if you use your own transformation as a guide for others to emulate.

"transformative power" collage by Richard Schemmerer

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Soul of Black Art: A Collector's View at Upfor Gallery, Portland

The Soul of Black Art: A Collector's View at Upfor Gallery, Portland

curated by John Goodwin

Uproar's exhibit is timely even if one walks on hot coals commenting on it. Times can change for the better but not always for all at the same time. Equality is not just a slogan but requires constant engagement with contemporary culture. Art can be that tool and can also be the barometer and watch dog that mirrors back to us what is needed from us at what level.
Of course the art world has the same biases as the rest of the environment and it is important that collectors of art by black artists exist. As of late racism seems to have become acceptable again by some elements of society and it is important to elevate the discourse, ones own and that with others, if words are used in a derogative way. We can't be silent bystanders and claim the higher ground. We all exist on the same ground and we all deserve each others support and yes defense should it be necessary.
All life's need to be valued and black lives are at stake right now as we speak. This exhibit is a reminder of the fight that is still ahead for all of us to become better than our past.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Art of Politics at Northbank Gallery, Vancouver

Art of Politics at North Bank Gallery, Vancouver

This a show not to be mossed especially at the political climate. Nobody is immune and everybody will be impacted by the choice we make. we either move forward trying to repair our democracy or we will give into powers with fascistic tendencies and have to repeat the past with its horrible consequences. every vote is counted on not to vote along religious lines but to preserve our freedom to chose for ourselves with out the dictate of a few who feel they can misuse our trust and the power we hand over sometimes to freely to them.

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