Sunday, August 31, 2014

BRION NUDA ROSCH at Adams & Ollman Gallery, Portland


Fire or fired up comes to mind when looking at this presentation of seemingly opposite styles of art. Information can be transmitted in recognizable form or in abstraction. When combined it becomes a riddle and leaves the observers interpretation open to a guessing game.
Contemporary art has become a guessing game where styles converge like matter in black holes in the attempt to birth what has been previously unseen.

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Fail - Safe at Hap Gallery

Domesticated comes to mind when studying this latest exhibit in this smallish space. Homeley but is the home realy safe are the realtions we engage in the best we can do or are we settling. Is the world a hostile farce and is love just another pipe dream. Lots of issues are adressed by as many artists.

Life is a gum bubble and if we blow to hard it will explode all over us.

Fail - Safe

curated by Marci Rae McDade.

artists are

Andi Arnovitz, Kathryn Clark, Jon Coffelt, Vic De La Rosa, Marc Dombrosky, Robert Fontenot, Carol Jackson, Kristin La Flamme, Jiseon Lee Isbara, Wayne “Skid” Lo, Amanda McCavour, Rachel Meginnes, Mark Newport, Loren Schwerd, Mary Smull, Anna Von Mertens, Jane Waggoner Deschner, and Stacia Yeapanis.

Curator Marci Rae McDade is the editor of Surface Design Journal

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Hickory Mertsching at the Gallery at the Jupiter hotel

Hickory Mertsching at the Gallery Jupiter Hotel

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The beauty of nature is enhanced on by these enchanting paintings that lure us into a world that seems filled with unlimited possibilities of joy if we could only control all aspects of it. Of course that is not possible so we are left to wonder why we have been put into a place that is at its core out to kill us but at the same time can look so fucking gorgeous.

James Keoni Arizumi at One Grand Gallery, Portland

Relax & Rolex

James Keoni Arizumi at One Grand Gallery, Portland

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Is every subculture doomed to become Culture or the fringe predestined to supplant the mainstream in this game of chicken and egg.

Maybe it's okay not to care which art veins are co opted or buggered to supersede its predecessors.It is all one grand illusion anyway or is it a disillusion. I don't want to get to mental about this joyess exhibit that seems like a throw back to the future. Yes the future a future we should have or could have had before we allowed the ice caps to melt.

Sorry forget about that statement. Quick lets lighten up with a pretty girls picture and follow it up with an image of a neon sign spelling out what has already hit the fan.

So relax and roll- ex with the tide of life maybe if you are lucking you'll be washed up on a beach in Hawaii or are gained an afterlife on a gluten free planet better suited for human consumption.

"Subliminal" By Richard Schemmerer

"Subliminal" By Richard Schemmerer

In trust we trust promising not to break the law as if the law could be broken. We can only disown ourselves because we own nothing else and we can only break ourselves our own values.
Unless values are backed up on solid ground by firm principles we have no ground to stand on but are pretenders still waving happily while we are sinking deeper into our own folly.
Minimalism the memory that has not been reconfigured but lingers in the cradle of the subconscious
Wound. Traces of life can scratch open this wound of the subliminal world to release to trigger outbursts of emotions hidden behind the curtain of awareness.
Simplicity is not simple but deep and it requires frozen attention, a single eyed approach to get the encoded message. Conventional understanding is not required and notions of context are subverted.
What you see is not what you get is not what the message is about but what you feel has the desired impact.
Imagination is beyond logic and so is a surface so devoid of meaning that meaning alone is left.
No labels are necessary leaving us with the question:” How would we communicate if all preconceived taught symbols would be erased from our memory ban and our brain would have to invent new paths of sharing information”.
We’ll never know as we go on coping each other as if something holy could be revealed sequenced out from the trivial.

copyright by Richard Schemmerer

PDX ART: " Cool PLaces part one " Portland, OR

PDX ART: " Cool PLaces " Portland

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