Thursday, October 27, 2016

Una Gallery PDX at Everett Station Lofts

Una is a new non profit space exploring the possibilities of Art as social engagement

it's mission is to represent the outer fringes of the art community.
UNA stands for oneness and art is the umbrella that unites us.
Una is Mercedes Orozco with help from Blair Crissman, Anthony Elech, Opal Grace Jones

The soft opening show featured art by Mercedes and Anthony.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kanetaka Ikeda at Black Fish Gallery, Portland

Kanetaka Ikeda

Cosmic leaves


Black Fish gallery
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The world is the tree and we are the leaves. These leaves are shed, they fall, they die, transform and they fertilize a new season of growth. It's hard for humans to accept this simple premises of a cycle of life. we struggle to give ourselves a greater meaning and in the process we destroy the tree. We forgot that the source of our existence is not us but the world that allows us to dwell in and to have a human experience.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Matthew Picton at Elizabeth Leach Gallery,Portland

Matthew Picton presents us with another body of work that besides that it is unique and expertly done also draws us into our own world of perception. These are maps not just of our environment but also how our brain interacts with the outside world to make sense inside of us so we don't lose our footing in sanity in a world that loves to edge us towards chaos.
When we fall it is important to know where we are in the spectrum of existence
and maps moral or otherwise help us to resurrect us even in times that keep pushing us down like saying after every fall we will rise again.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcome to Portland style "Day of the dead" at Guardino Gallery

Every year we celebrate the day of the dead as an homage to the people who died and left their legacy for us to follow and to improve on. This exhibit is one of many examples how artist interpret their vision of it.
This show at Guardino gallery shines through its exquisite execution and the inspiration contained in each piece.

this is the tenth anniversary of this show also their will be a gallery artist Talk Saturday October 21
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