Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Life is a medical condition" by Richard Schemmerer

Life is a medical condition that has a very low survival rate but on the path of recovery we have the option to squeeze out every form of unaltered fun. Of course some of it has a price we are not always willing to pay like not voting or voting for an idealistic world view we are not ready yet. we scape goat a lot but we bring everything onto ourselves as we walk the streets of our neighborhoods. Even if Evil doesn't exist but we are sure busy recreating our own versions of it.

I am becoming everything
the breath that is wasted in awe
the minutes that tick unwatched
the cloud that is looking to rest
I am becoming everything and nothing
nothing that can't be fixed
nothing that needs to be explained
I am becoming everything
like the optimism that outruns all isms
the education that is not needed anymore
the hope that found fulfillment
I am becoming everything and more
more in understanding myself
greater then all things combined
I continue to become everything
until I am everything

Sunday, January 15, 2017

"sounds like" by Richard Schemmerer

What is a crown without a queen
or a brain without enough intellect
to make sense of the senseless
or a President that is unpresedented
sounds like the night found its day
have you thought about it that
there is nothing extra about extra virgin
I found the remains of yesterday now that
my credit has gone south but
my northbound is still a bit sluggish
a day without a night is like
a Johnny with out weirdness
truth can't be found it has to be told
a heart beats because it has to
not because it wants to work overtime
it seems these days health care is not
a human right to get ones hands on easily
but tax credits for the already rich are the norm
as we navigate uncharted waters on twitter
also called alt right politics of the new ages
conducted by the same corrupted billionaires
that tell us we are not worth our minimum wages or
a decent education that doesn't enslave us to debtors
while they spend millions on lavish inaugurations
and security paid by our hard earned tax payer money
say it isn't so that we bought into this system
just because it promised that the rare few of us
are offered a seat on the table of the opulent
as long as we don't disturb their game of lies

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Male form opening at Angst Gallery, Vancouver

Sixth Annual Celebration of the Male Form

Show: January 6-27, 2017

Angst Gallery
1015 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

We are all naked underneath our covers but somehow we are forced to feel ashamed of our bodies in their natural state. it seems that especially the male body represents something that is to much to bare. Man have been endowed with a penis which is the instrument that guarantees the survival of the species but because of religious influences it has to kept under wrap almost like as if it doesn't exist for sure not in its erect stage. Art is the tool to make the naked male body salon worthy and this exhibit it high-lights carefully what the male form all incorporates according to the notion of a handful of local artists.

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photography 2017 copyright by Richard Schemmerer