Thursday, February 26, 2015

Takahiko Hayashi at Froelick Gallery, Portland

Takahiko Hayashi
in a swirl of many, many small circles

sometimes one can drown in an art pierces or float on its surface like little microscopic organisms making patterns according to the law of synchronized swimming. These delicate seeming works on paper offer an escape from the external and command us to spend more time in a reflective mode of operation to shot down our electronic dependencies and watch what floats across our retina when we close our eyes.

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"Living with glass" at the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft

"Living with glass" at the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft

The history of glass is well documented and dates back to Mesopotamia 3500 BC not counting the Aliens . The first glass came from Syria which is now the back water of society and a war zone back than it was part of the cradle of civilization. Without it we would not be able to communicate on a computer for example.

This exhibit is a glimpse at a private collection mostly It alien master pieces. Glass use to be a luxury item but today everyone can be dazzled by glass and go to a local artist and get his mind blown by the power to capture light and color.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dianne Kornberg at Augen Gallery



Women on the verge of giving birth to enlightenment. Not everyone is chosen to give birth like men know very well. That is why they are trying to coax science into creating artificial life. Just kidding.

A woman gave birth to a God/Son and every day women give birth to keep humanity in existence. Sometimes in all this war talk of gender or otherwise we forget that Nature is an indiscriminate birthing machine. This exhibit calls to celebrate while we contemplate.

Kevin Kadar at Froelick Gallery, Portland

Portals and Puzzles

Kevin Kadar at Froelick Gallery, Portland

"Imagine all the people living for a dream" is a famous John Lennon lyric artist of course always have been to prophets and prophets have been artists. Kadar is one of these people that brings all worlds together in his pictures the good , the bad the lost and the hopeful we morph and shape shift through out our gifted lifetime. These painting describe this change that is the only constant while we try to hold onto our dreams on this wild ride filled with portals and puzzles.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015



Electric Fields

What we see is what we think is real but is it?

We are electric fields made from atoms that interact with everything that is on many levels is one theory. Intelligence is accessible through the brain so we assume.

The first head transplant has been performed on a monkey. Maybe the future will happen in virtual space. Art is attempting to rewrite its own history by interacting with technology to give us fresh ways of looking at art or new ways of defining the limits of art Some of today's artist attempt to let us enter there sphere to become part of the art rather then just a bystander

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Art in Vancouver, the American Vancouver

Many cities have a thriving art scene no matter if the art critics take notice or not. Many times Artists in these cities revitalize the abandoned to pawn shops down towns 0f America. Go find the art coimmunity in your neck of the urban woods and support there effort but acknowledging the emense contributuion artist provide to the commuinity at large. Photos taken at Aurora Gallery & Angst Gallery