Friday, November 21, 2014

Amjad Faur at PDX Contemporary Art Gallery, Portland

Amjad Faur

Sun Kings

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Camera lights action --
make me an instrument of your vision --

every artist works hard behind the scene before the white cube event where the public is invited to utter their likes or express their dislikes. We cast opinions like spells in the hope to feel some kind of power like sun kings from old lore. We are expected to stand in reference but we are more thane just worshippers but an integral part of every exhibit. We are still and we are lost and we find a voice in the process or processing art that invigorates our own imagination. Artists are image makers but the observer is the conduit of its historical value.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu at Blue Sky Gallery

Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu

Life on the Block

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On 103rd Street in Spanish Harlem. A snapshot of society as a whole showing the holes in our family left by crime and a prison system that is making profit of it.
While we are bone picking in a moment of awareness it is good to remember that we are complicit when others fall through the social net through the holes we allowed to happen.

Monday, November 17, 2014

"Last Call" PNCA staff exibit at PNCA Swigert Commons

"Last Call" PNCA staff exibit at PNCA Swigert Commons

It takes a village to build community and it takes staff to show a new generation of creatives the tropes for success. This exhibit is a great overview of the broad spectrum and interests present at PNCA.

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