Saturday, August 1, 2015

Don't wax poetics by Richard Schemmerer

Don’t wax poetics when you sit on top of a candle
when you are the trump of the butt of the joke
when you are applying for a job you are not qualified
when you are an apprentice but not a master
when you think you think that you can think

don't wax poetics when the fire around you
has caught your thinning hairy comb over
when all you know is to assault with insults
when to be president means a bigger flag for your ego
when the words you use to convince others are vomit

don't wax poetics when you wasted billions of dollars
when your vanity blinds you to your insane needs
when the ideas you share are stolen from the worlds garbage
when your body is an unmanned drone looking for a soul
when you are nor just a danger to yourself but also to others

"window of wisdom"
collage by Richard Schemmerer

Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Lets get lost" at PDX Contemporary Art Gallery

A Summer show, a group show a stand out show. Leave it to PDX Contemporary to not dumb us down during the hot months when we think about beach and leisure times. Lets get lost is a meditation on getting lost in art, in the study of the minute strokes and the big gestures alike.


Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen

Tina Beebe

Nick Blosser

Anne Crumpacker

Bean Finneran

Jacques Flechemuller

Ellen George

Johannes Girardoni

Elizabeth Knight

Cynthia Lahti

James Lavadour

Nancy Lorenz

D.E. May

Elizabeth Mead

Kristen Miller

Wes Mills

Jeffry Mitchell

Megan Murphy

Jenene Nagy

Liz Robb

Joe Rudko

Tad Savinar

Adam Sorensen

Barbara Stafford

Jane Timken

Terry Toedtemeier

Nell Warren

Marie Watt

Masao Yamamoto

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TAO TV >The Big Float 2015 Portland OR

TAO TV presents The Big Float 2015 Portland OR

The Big Float now in its third year is proof that we can clean up our environment, reclaim our rivers and have fun with it. Last year over 2000 human floaties waddled to the river to become one large plastic ducky. This is an urban voyage for a couple of blocks to end up as a big party with bands and hot tubs at MC Calls water front lawn. This year it even featured two 70 feet slip and slides for the grown up kids to show off their moves. Nothing says Portland more than this weird way of participating in city life.
Of course the March 4th Band had to be there to make it even more a spectacle than it already is.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Spectacular Design, Portland

Spectacular Design Interiors, Portland

go visit this new player in the Pearl and get inspired about design while you shop for some local art.
This month featured artist is a Portland photographer

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Nathanael Thayer Moss at HAP Gallery


Nathanael Thayer Moss at HAP Gallery

our eyes are made accustomed and destined to see the natural world and to spot food sources. In art we are forced to shift to slice and dice our preconceived notions of what we are looking at of what we are seeing. it forces us to imagine things rather then to observe reality. Art can break down this barrier between the real and the phantasy. In the best case like in this case it shifts our understanding of how things are made according to the eye and begs us to consider that underneath the chaos we perceive is an order of mathematical precision that exists not to make sense but to enliven our senses.

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"The great debate about art" at Upfor Gallery, Portland

I am sorry I am sorry I am sorry. Art is like the rich kid that asks constantly for forgiveness for its existence because it thinks it has no self value outside its mere presence. Duchamp hung a urinal upside down signed it hung it from the wall and declared it an object of worth and Andy Warhol added the 15 minutes of fame to it.
Art has no value besides its cost of production and should be treated as such but then came Hirst and encrusted a scull with diamonds and inflated these costs by a hundred times more. Is a shark in formaldehyde more worth then a shark in the ocean.

What has worth to do with Art and how much investment strategy makes something inherently worthless worth 100 million dollars. These questions are old news and tiresome to some degree. In a world that adores the gadgets more then the human that carries them we have moved beyond the post post post modernism approach of neo neo neo. New is not what we can achieve but appropriation is an infinite way to play the art game. Richard Prince makes art out of other peoples everyday postings, old jokes or car parts or whatever he pleases because he doesn't have to please anybody with his art. The critics keep critiquing the public keeps misunderstanding that there is nothing to understand and if you want to decorate your crib with bling its fine.

Art doesn't only have its tongue in its cheek it is the tongue and the cheek and we can pound it like a drum to drum up dollars and admiration. Is it worth all the fuss and all the discussion? Probably not but if Miley Cyrus can recreate a Kelly exhibit by going to China town and buying bags of toys and hang them up together in furry balls or Abramovic can re-perform her 70ties performances and get more famous by doing so I say go for it and go broke with it.

Dadada one could go on and on but one could also read The great debate about Art by Roy Harris which these exhibit is centered around. So the gist is that most art is dead but we always will create but criticism is dead because everything has been said.

Of course we always will be criticizing it in human nature. That's how we differentiate ourselves from the others and new things can happen. It even starts on the biological level. So Art lives on even painting is alive and well hanging from walls in open flowing spaces and yes I dare to say art critic is not dead either because nothing ever dies it just transforms. Even thoughts are recycled and reintroduced to the next born generation. It's like the reruns on TV. I love Lucy will go on as long as we are able to produce electricity and when the grid breaks down we will reenact it for our children in a play.

So I am not sorry that the glass of urine I just produced and drank and reproduced once more as urine while I filmed this process and packaged it as a video that can now play in a gallery space -- by the way don't steal this idea, it was mine first -- I do this to win the Turner price so that from then on I can excavate all my bodily orifices for art sake and gain fame and money.

Can art be funny, can critic be none cynical, can a politician change his narcissism? Yes of course, change is the name of the game of linguistic acrobatics.

There is no art for art sake that would be like saying I eat for eating's sake. We eat because we are hungry, we are curious and we hope it tastes mind blowingly good. We have sex the same way we look at art. If we do it once in awhile it elevates live beyond the mondaine if we do it all the time it becomes the mondaine.

It's all about frequency and labeling and who gets to do it. More art will be produced and painting will be the next big thing because it contains all attributes of all the other art perversions. Yes art is perversion.

Yes,like in proverbs and there meaning like in a type of human behavior that deviates from that which is understood to be orthodox or normal. Normal would be to go out and hunt and gather for food then go home and procreate offspring to keep a cheap work force to secure ones survival in age. Perversion has little to do with sexual behavior because sexual behavior is the most of all natural vices. Making Art exhibiting and buying art means wasting resources in an obsessive compulsive manor.

Just kidding! No I am not! Nobody has sex for sex sake but we are suppose to make art for art's sake. That is bullshit. This idea has been sold by the peddlers who take away the power from the source the artists themselves. Why would the artist want to be pitied and the gallerist museum and critic get all the glory and fame. The artist makes art because he thinks he has to which is of course also a perversion like an exhibitionist that needs to show himself off to get off.

Art and sex go together like smoke and mirror. The collector buys because he needs to feel bigger than he perceives himself to elevate his status in a world addicted to entertainment. Art has increased its reach from decoration to the stage on which others can impose and expose themselves. Art is the age old orange is the new black. It is the cycle of span it takes to bridge the gap between heaven and Earth. What I am saying is that it is the filler in between life and death.

In art-speak terms the terminology we use is secondary to how we feel about something. How does it feel to watch and how do we find the words to describe what it felt because perversely we have a need to share our opinions to like minded. Of course perversion is subjective and so is Art. It is the gag reflex we can't stop experiencing while we shove it down our throats. Criticism is that gagger but without it we wouldn't know what we like or don't like.

So the great debate about art is less a debate about what is art or isn't in an epoch that produced artist's that allow themselves to use any available medium possible but is more a media frenzy over the right to have the biggest megaphone or in our days media platform. And in many ways it has always been that way.

Whomever controls the buttons controls the minds attached to them.

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