Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"Meditation in action" by Richard Schemmerer

Meditation in action
things I heard on the cyber spaced grapevine

brand spanking new
as if you could spank your brand
don't shoot
I can't breath
it's not worth to die for petty crime
that's the message
don't shoot the messenger
watch for trigger happy cops
my mama is better than yours
mothers shouldn't have to worry
when their sons steal
that they get shot
their always will be somebody
who doesn't like apple pie
officer I didn't kill the deputy
fear is the poor man's god
there are no bad or good people
only bad actions for bad reasons
or good dead's for no reason
if your action infringes on my meditation
you are committing a crime against
my freedom to disengage in your
misguided negation about rights
that have not been granted
but rose out of a lake of blood
milked from the tit of self-victimization
of thought patterns handed down
from generations lost in grief
still drowning now in self pitty
trying to take everyone else down
into their mill of self hate
and race class culture warfare
fuiled by facebooked anarchy and
an obsession with Kim Kardashians ass
as if offense was the best defense

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Peace from the Ashes by Richard Schemmerer

"Occupy Heaven before it becomes another hell" installation & performance photography by Richard Schemmerer

Peace from the Ashes

The Golden Dawn is gone
The wind of fear is blowing
Through the burning hallways
Of our sacrificed love
Sacrificed in the name of unleashed hate
For an infinitely replaceable enemy
How many generations
Have to give their life blood
In the name of a killing freedom
A freedom that eats away
Our rights, our joy, our humanity
That leaves us cold to the plite
Of other less fortuned cultures
Our souls are yearning
For the Phoenix to rise
Out of the field of destruction
Our thoughtless actions
Cut into the landscape of the future
As we carry the pain we inflict
Into our sanctuaries of the heart
To project them in anger onto others
Earth is crying out to our compassion
As her skin rips apart from all the hatred
And her beauty is ravaged by hurricanes
Of a corrupted mass consciousness
That is whipped into paranoia
By the war lords of a darkend world
The ones who see only in black and white
The clear vision is blurred
By defensive despiteful rhetoric
The dust of ignorance is stirred up
By fear promoting fascistic ideology
Isolationism has replaced global humanism
No child left behind turned into
The nightmares of coming generations
There is a dream that rises
Above the path of destruction
A thought that creates possibilities
A word that fills itself with love
Action that proves the validity of faith
Humans that speak their truth
And dare to shine their light in the darkness
There is a vision that out of this mess we created
There will rise manifold lessons for us
Which we eagerly, gratefully accept and learn
There is a vision for a freedom for all
So that we at least didn't burn down our once
Respected values and dignity for nothing
There is a vision that those broken pieces
Lying covered in the dust will rise up
To form a greater peace
A Peace from the Ashes

Richard Schemmerer

"Fracked in the head" by Richard Schemmerer

"Blind sighted by Duality" painting by Richard Schemmerer

Fracked in the head

God didn't promise me anything
everybody else made me promises
live big was the slogan of the moment
die young the anthem of choice
be in the Now to see the light
don't worry be happy go lucky
let yesterdays be by-gone snippets
let tomorrow make your dream come true
nothing can bather you if you don't
love is the answer to everything
when age came by me like a race car
ran me over like the deer in the wrong lane
I had my hopes set on the wrong horse
Youth was the one to win the race for me
but youth faltered right out of the gate
The Now has become an endless nightmare
a pipe dream on a looping repeat
my body is like a war torn toxic zone
nobody healthy wants to enter anymore
a body that was not just fucked over
but the one the me that is left behind
like in a mini series that has been canceled
because of to few viewers by the right demographic
left behind abandoned like a piece of land
fracked of its resources and identity
and the pills gave me blurry visions of a self
that was starved of a meaningful purpose
besides consuming what was produced by enslaved labor
in developing countries robbed of their resources
and the right the elevate their population
not juts above the poverty level but
also in the stature of a self entitled first world
that bases its superiority still on white supremacy
in a futile effort to repeat history over and over
a history that is literally littered with bodies
sacrificed to false god called mammon
just like the old scriptures promised and
announced as the downfall of the whole system
that we claim to be based on an intelligent design
invented by us to keep on raping the very soil
our souls bodies rose from in harmony with creation
which we now pay back by destroying its very foundation
the balance that has to kept to sustain life as we know it.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Looking at Art by Richard Schemmerer

Looking at Art photography by Richard Schemmerer

We look at Art as if it could reveal something about life about ourselves and our place in the world order.
But Art is just like an oracle like the Oracle of Delphi you get whatever imaginations you put in it.

Art is not a solution, an answer but a mirror to our questions we have or should have about who we are and what we are becoming in the process called living. The circumstances dictate the platform but how we act upon it is at the end up to each individual.

Art should be accessed like a trial were the suspect can only be convicted if we reach a conclusion beyond reasonable doubt.
The art and the artist are not one and the same of course neither are the viewer and the art.

Art asks us back why we are asking about what we are asking.

It is a riddle no living being has solved as of yet and there are as many opinions or more out there as there art pieces of art.

Life is a puzzle and my guess is that it is supposed to be a puzzle so we keep on searching for ever deeper truths.

Art is a constant call not to become complacent with ones self or the world at large as there is ever room for improvement.
The only thing that we can take for granted is that all is temporary in the yes of the beholder.
Sometimes art is able to preserve the impression and hand it over to the next generation of art conscious beings that understand that a world without artists is like a field with out crop and that art with being viewed is like the crop without a seed.

all images copyright Richard Schemmerer

8th Anniversary Show at Angst Gallery, Vancouver WA

8th Anniversary Show at Angst Gallery, Vancouver WA

What do you get when you roar into the jungle? A monkey bitch slap.
Not that I know what a bitch slap is.
What do you get when you commit to exhibiting local artists?
You get a community of like minded warriors committed to elevate the game of your hood.

Leah Jackson has done just that and we are all the better for it.

Angst Gallery has become the place to congregate and share ideas and give support to each other
in the trying times of constant change.
It allows the voices of artists to rise above the false news media hype
and offers the sound of the many hearts beating as one tone.

United we can sing songs of hope and with art we can express our concerns of the mismanagement of our world.

also special thanks to Cristopher Luna to bring his poetry to this great space

more info and more art at

Karen Wippich at Ford Gallery, Portland

Aesthetic Dysfunction - The Art of Karen (and Jon) Wippich!

The stories we read about and the stories we tell ourselves are sometimes not accurate and have every little with to do with the actual truth just look at the last Presidential election. We supplement what's missing by indulging in pipe dreaming or denial with a dose of exaggeration or plain out lies. We suffer from all sorts of mental dysfunctions that don't serve us well at all in the long run but make us believe false claims in the short sprint. All of this and more is packed into these dense art works that reflect what we want to see or imagine to be the truth which is in most cases only our personal truth and has no weight on a greater scale because we mistake our opinions for actual reality

more info at