Saturday, May 2, 2015

The First Good bye by Richard Schemmerer

The First Good bye by Richard Schemmerer

The first good bye is like the last hurrah. It is a journey that never ends but twists with unpredictability.

PDX Art has reached a moment in its life cycle where it has reached ground hog day proportions. To find out what happens next keep in touch on Facebook. It is time to leave the old nest and build a fresh habitat to grow into. Hope you are keeping your hands up in the air not be cause you are afraid to get shot at but because you realize that you are the master of your life and that you have to celebrate creation with every fiber of your body -- the good and the bad alike make life worth the ride. take this next step with me in this adventure in contentiousness.

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I worked for the last dozen of years and 1300 plus art reports & interviews to entertain and inform the public for free. Thanks for lending me an ear.

Nancy Lorenz at PDX Art Contemporary Art Gallery

Polished Ground

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If you ever wondered how pure luxury art looks like see this. Unabashed with thick exuberance these pieces jump right into your emotional center and tempt you to touch what is seen because it has to be touched to be believed. Isn't this how the saying goes. I was almost tempted to take a bite like from an art cookie.

David Hilliard Elizabeth Leach Gallery

Our Nature

photography by David Hilliard

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Imagine a topography of the human psyche in the way only an artist can take the liberty. Who are we beneath the skin and outside the norm. Everyone is an island in a sea of islands everyone is a sector of the whole. Which part of our life is real and how much is imagined as superior to our wishful thinking ability. We are busy writing our own script to our own movie of life but the truth is that every second that pasts by is beyond our control. These photographs offer us a perfect setting for fantasy to take flight.

Clint Brown & Rory ONeal at Blackfish Gallery

A double bill of fun. Some nudes combined with hats fit for the Kentucky Derby.

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Ben Buswell at Upfor Gallery

Ripped torn sliced and glued back together with a subtile astuteness that borders on genius. Photography like you never experienced before maybe? I remember Ben from being in a group show with him at PlACE for Off the Wall and during the artist's Q&A he proved that he has the intellectual know-how to back up his explorations in this medium.The center piece of the exhibit impresses with its feeling of heft and weight, its power to dominate the room while it basically hangs on only on some threads of photo paper. Repetition plays a big part in Ben's work as if he tries to hammer home how precious everything is we perceive and how silly our value systems are.