Sunday, October 30, 2016

Rich Rollins at Blue Sky gallery, Portland


Rich Rollins at Blue Sky gallery, Portland

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What do we see when we see what do we capture when we take a photograph. Is their more behind the veil of the image and the image we carry in us what life is suppose to be. Is life just a window into a world that follows or is it a hologram. Is photography really imaging reality or is it just an illusion based on our interpretation. Is it healthy to ask to many question or should we just enjoy the moment we live in as it transforms by dying away.

Birte Kaufmann at Blue Sky Gallery,Portland

The travelers that's us yes we travel as soon as we get up from our bed. This exhibit goes further to illuminate that treachery that is sometimes involved with traveling and it is nothing like on the Travel Chanel or even following Rick Steve's adventures through Europe. We are many times at the mercy of the place we visit and the people we encounter but their are also others in the midst of us whose life style is traveling not because they take a vacation but they are nomadic and they have no place in traditional society. Obviously their is nothing poetic about this even if these photographs capture the poesy of the moment very well.

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Friday, October 28, 2016

James Lavadour at PDX Contemporary Art Gallery, Portland

Ledger of days
paintings by
James Lavadour

All we sometime shave is the day we can count on the past and the future have no meaning.
Some days we put on a happy face another time we troll our own tears.
These paintings are like an inner landscape using the brush to invoke real landscapes.
Every mood is exposed as we reflect on our own life span and yes it is beauty that is revealed in the process
even beauty in pain, in destruction because that are the building blocks of the world without it
nothing could co-exist even if it is just temporary.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Una Gallery PDX at Everett Station Lofts

Una is a new non profit space exploring the possibilities of Art as social engagement

it's mission is to represent the outer fringes of the art community.
UNA stands for oneness and art is the umbrella that unites us.
Una is Mercedes Orozco with help from Blair Crissman, Anthony Elech, Opal Grace Jones

The soft opening show featured art by Mercedes and Anthony.

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