Sunday, June 26, 2016

Akademie Der Kuenste, Berlin -- Children in Exile -- by Richard Schemmerer

Akademie Der Kuenste, Berlin -- Children in Exile -- by Richard Schemmerer

Children in Exile

Exile is when we are displaced from our birth place for whatever reason and forced to experience a different culture. This in it self is not a bad thing but it becomes more complicated if it happens because our home land becomes a war zone. In this case the exhibit talks about the past and the damage or challenges the children of now considered famous parents were exposed to.

Life is not always fair and maybe some of us think that leaving in exile has some romantic components and gives us room for growth. In truth it sets a psychological nightmare in gear that transforms the human from its destined path onto a detour and the original person is forever lost in the process.

This presentation highlights the true victims of war namely the children and many of todays children don't have famously talented parents that are welcomed in their new homelands with prestige but more the opposite they are seen as intruders in a shark tank and only observed us invaders but as the past teaches us we don't know the potential of each individual and in that regard we need to see them as treasures to our society rather then as a diminishment even if we lose some of our own heritage. The price is that we gain in humanity because in todays world borders are artificial as we had towards the understanding that the Earth belongs to all. What is called for is hearts without borders and minds free of prejudice.

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photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer

Monday, June 20, 2016

Miss Read Art Book Fair Berlin -- the faces of the book art world by Richard Schemmerer

Miss Read Publishing Affair-- the faces of the book art world by Richard Schemmerer

This is a three ring circus and marathon of the minds a laundry list of vices --
this is the culmination of tenacity in the eyes of insta-memories. In a word world, an insta-world -- the word in print matters more than ever before in history. We are on the brink not just on losing our currency of trade namely money as a tangible object but also the words that have informed us and led us out of the darkest ages.

The disposable on-line avatars have replaced the writers of truly mind altering sentences the ones that informed the information age. What if we hadn't these new pioneers the ones that set out anew to make actual reading fashionable enough again to inspire us to become stewards of books and owners of such treasured remnants that feed our intellect rather then numbing it with trivialities.

Faces are behind that wonder and the minds that guide them to such lofty pursuits as to organize and participate in art book fairs as this wonderfully located and organized one named aptly Miss Read to remind us unless we engage in reading we will never learn to miss it and by that miss out on one of the essential pleasures modern life can offer us fairly freely.
The ages of censorship are mostly over and we lost the understanding on how precious the open availability of literary creations are.

So please don't mis-read the online tabloids as for what they are just mere distractions from the true value the word in print has to offer. Go out and don't just buy a book but contemplate what foresight and courage it took each author and the time that was spend so you too could be an informed and literate citizen of this world to come. Small publishing houses are the life line for the writers and without them the true word, the free one dies like an exotic species and will be forgotten with the arrival of the next easy gadget to steal our depth of thought and shorten our attention span even more.

photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer

Saturday, June 18, 2016

9th Berlin Biennale on how to understand the lying in the eye by Richard Schemmerer

9th Berlin Biennale on how to understand the lying in the eye of the truth or
things in your eye seem further away then they appear or what the fuck does that suppose to mean.

It was never the idea that art would serve any purpose for the masses but that seems to be forgotten and art has become the in backdrop for our hip parties which are followed by more posing in front of the art or to capture the art displayed like an illusive animal and keep it locked up on a hard drive.
That is the reason that I have stopped for the moment to actually write about the art but about the hype that surrounds it like a stinking pool of social political cultural overflow. Hey yo rap me a song to that so my bling can swing from the line of coke I've thrown over my amygdala.
Anger is the new mantra, anger at art, the art world, the artists, the art machine but who are the people who ramble on -- on the backs of the creative force that is unleashed on a daily base no matter if somebody observers it or not.

Art is not the product of the masses but the masses are the product of art as all is filtered through the expressive powers that have been sprayed over the minds of the mindless to blind them to their own misery.

Now I need a quote to make this visible to the invisible eye not in the sky but in the brain that is starved of intelligent input. we are dumbing ourselves down without even giving it a second thought and then we get depressed about the world and complain and blame. The intelligent ones have not enough confidence to speak out and the insane take the megaphone and shout everyone out.

So here comes art that doesn't explain anything but mirrors our misery and all we have to say is I don't like this or boring or bad art while we take a selfie in front of it which we post on Instagram into the ether of the lost souls.

Of course has art lost its footing and indulged in pandering and in taking down the elite of the aesthetic but it was in self defense of the feudal religious or other fascistic systems that had control over it for yes thousands of years. Like any good or bad anarchistic movement in the process everything get taken down taken apart taken to the ground. The losers were not just the kings a nd popes and dictators but also beauty. Ugliness was and is still the new beauty but it also has outlived its purpose because without beauty we are not even part of the build in geometric wonder that is the base of Nature. We are the aliens we are so afraid of will come and visit to destroy our culture. Sorry that one we did already ourselves we just forgot that detail conveniently.

Art has become afraid to return to its roots because it still sees its main purpose to be a mirror. The time is ripe to leave the ugly selfie behind that is ever prevalent all around us and take the lazy shoes off. Of course it is not easy to invent beauty that is current and absorbing but we just haven't tried enough. Once we allow a fresh crop of artist to indulge us we might find the path out of this darkness and art can be the beacon of beauty once more and still have relevant things to say about us , the world and yes it'self.

photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer

Thursday, June 16, 2016

9th Berlin Biennale: I_Selfie by Richard Schemmerer

9th Berlin Biennale: I_Selfie by Richard Schemmerer

curtesy of New York–based artist collective DIS (Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso, and David Toro

I_Selfie could be the title of this years Berlin Biennale or maybe even of the sensibilities of the time.
We are the star in our own life time movie because technology has become available that is affordable for the ordinary Buerger.
Nothing every changes in our psyche only technology has changed the way we live but not the way we think.
Our survival instinct seeps through even in this highly contemporary environment we use as our urban playground. The winner takes center stage but this time its one own musical to a stolen soundtrack. Everything is repackaged as less than original content but who cares its a free society , free to destroy its won principles.

The mirror society is mirroring itself and has become its own enemy. We vote for what's bad for us and for the world we need to live in based on slogans not even fit for a t-shirt or a rally cry and nobody is laughing because we are to busy texting.

No wait that sounds very pessimistic and pessimism is so the last wasted generation. This time we have an escape and its virtual by that I mean virtually just a device away with our conscience uploaded and swiped clean from all scruples or feelings of self doubt that still inhibit us to fully expose not just the underbelly of our psyche or the navel of our upbringing but the genitalia of our self obsession as well.

I Selfie describes a generation of psycho masturbators all happy to post the results on any online platform available. Disenchantment is the new enchantment disenfranchised the latest franchise to like into. We are hyper linked without realizing that we are just milked as usually of our energy resource soul capacity but this time we are helping by providing the contents to our own enslavement. The only ones laughing might be the curators.

photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer