Tuesday, September 18, 2018

All this is America photography by Richard Schemmerer

All this is America 2018 photography by Richard Schemmerer

A random day, a couple of hours paying attention, being the observer of the wondrous species that we are.

This is a love song in pictures to the many versions of ourselves that are represented in the myriad of humans we encounter everyday. This is an invitation to invite others to stop and look deeper within by passing the judgments that keep us apart.

Photography is the moment when a symbiotic relationship happens between the camera and a scene that unfolds only once for a brief second but is capture to be played back to the viewer.

Utopian Visions art fair Portland

Yes how would you envision an art fair free off commercial bling.

This was one version and I hope to see more efforts like that in your town soon art lives in its diversity and stays relevant by challenging any system that tries to define it.

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