Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Flower power by Richard Schemmerer

\Flowers awaken a sense of gratitude in us for the abundance around us and give us a sense of being part of nature to help to create a shift in human perception occurring simultaneously from utility focused to beauty centric to awe inspiring.
There is a lot to say about the essence of flowers. It can provide key components to the “Dopamine Regulation” with our body being a work in progress”.
The right brain hemisphere is never wrong but not always correct. Not everyone is totally right or left brained controlled. The right brain hemisphere deals with intuition and is the fluid, spontaneous part of the brain. It can remember pictures, voices and faces. It has the ability to simultaneous think and feel. It is the hemisphere that has boundary perception and prefers everything that happens in the now with almost no sense of time and wants to be a participant instead of being a spectator.
Everything we do is to satisfy our need for connection but sometimes the left brain tells us to disconnect and to try to control rather then to intuit what is the best out come for us. Like when we fall in love with the impossible and miss out on loving what is possible right now for us and is sharable with others. Flowers are the symbol of beauty, a beauty that needs no reason to exist but just is and then fades away to become part of all that is once more. This is the act when we die to the selves we have created during a life time and then we hope to get an achievement award for it as if life was an Oscar worthy movie. Look at bouquet of flowers and feel the power it transmit to bring joy and then become that joy that goes out in the world. We have flower power in us and we give of smell like pheromones that attract like. All we need is to trust into our own beauty and focus not on what the standardized norm projects.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

SOUL/ART instincts an exploration in abstraction by Richard Schemmerer

SOUL /ART Instincts an exploration in abstraction

The process is the medium. The artist is the creator of the opportunity for the viewer to engage with the invisible made perceivable. The artist is the receiver, the channel and the maker. Our instinct is to dismiss Art as frivolous expression, a first world luxury but Art really rises out of the belly of poverty that is starved for more than intellectual gimmicks. ART mimics the soul the inviable part that strives to be recognized as available entity within our system of judgement

Who am I to write such things, invent them as if I knew what art is suppose to do to us, for us, within us and outside, in the world around us. Or claim that the soul exists within and can be observed as such through interrogation of the self that is not just made up from the Ego parts but also of on intuitive entity that is connected to a greater good and knowledge.

At Least I can throw out these questions just like abstract artists throw paint on a canvas to make us contemplate the reason for our existence and the parts that feed us like in soul food.

So yes, there is an artist in each one of us, the sleeping giant that really never sleeps but just pretends because in reality he is the one that creates it. A reality like out of thin air or polluted air or just gaseous air. Anything that makes the imagine tangible. We are invested by the visions we have of our self and our environment.

The soul starves for us so we can live an egocentric life but times are not as they seem to be if we pay attention. The soul has never died but I s ever present evger willing to rise within ourselves that are hungry for a deeper experience then the media outlets try to force us to belief.

Art is not only splitting our brains but also the essence of existence around us as we invent and reinvent it with every single thought we string together like a chain reaction.

The brain is the tool that captures imagination for us to filter our reflection through it because we are the passion we put into it, into the viewing of life through Art and the soul space we open up for.

We are life's animators. As artists we face our fears not with defensive mechanisms but with creativity and with tools to show us that the base instincts don't have to be linked to brut actions but can be elevated to sooth us with creamy strokes of color that lead us back to the root of beauty which births itself out of the chaos into form and symbols we can recognize and translate so that the soul within us can dance unafraid of the ramifications of our daily programming.

Art is the instincts is such a project that presents us with raw expressions contained in perceivable formats. The magical is not hidden but exposed because magic is not what we can explain but that which is unconceivable to the mind but hopefully not to the heart.

No we don't need all to be artists but can be soul brothers to enter into his mindset. By looking at Art we can peek behind the veil of consciousness and yes become part of the art and soul become a piece of art ourselves that we create accordingly so we can feel at home in our bodies as well as in any p[lace of our choosing because at the end all that counts is that we intuitively choose were our soul is nourished.
Yes Ken Spurlock's Art is for sale.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New Modernism at Elizabeth Leach Gallery as seen by Richard Schemmerer

As Modernism is new again and so is formalism we can rejoice because the art wheel keeps charging forward in retrograde. Yes this a movement that brings as color and simplicity combined with intelligence and decorative pomp. I meant plomp but spell check disagreed and so might you by claiming it's an old hat. No I rebut and let you into the secret world of secrets namely that everything is pulled out of the same hat just at different time periods and as we that is us hopefully change with the aging process we get fresh impulses from similar seeming visuals.
What I am saying is with to many words that the art of self reflection is mirrored in the things we think we know already but judged as if.

New modernism is after all a new way to present us with a style that broke rules and was once radical and now is a trope to get us into a nostalgic mode because we have forgotten how good the world was when the sheer power of color could still inspire awe in us.

New Modernism
Featured artists:
Math Bass, Pat Boas, Chris Gander,
Chris Johanson, Samuel Levi Jones,
Joanna Pousette-Dart and Amanda Wojick

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Timothy Page at WILLCALL Art Gallery, Everett Station Lofts

Their is always something to find in the PDX art triangle and one little gem is WILLCALL Art Gallery,
see for yourself and support the local art community.

WILLCALL is presenting the art of Timothy Page

625 NW Everett Street
Studio 108 (between Broadway and 6th)
Portland, OR 97209

Telephone: (503) 764-9994

Kris Sanford at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland OR

Through the Lens of Desire

Kris Sanford at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland OR

Desire is often misunderstood and interpreted as a sexual notion but mostly we desire to be nurtured and loved for who we are not what we are.
As a group, gay people if that is a word, have been left out of the normal daily interaction that constitute a save protective environment for lovers. Marginalized as humans we had to hide our love and create secret social clubs as an outlet for communication with like.
Public display of gay love is still frowned at but the new generation of gays are not afraid anymore to claim their right to present their love as a gift to the world rather then a perversion.

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Nan Curtis at Nine Gallery, Blue Sky Portland

What if we let it

by Nan Curtis

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What if we let ourselves ponder our points of view and the way we perceive each other and the environment around us. The place we live in is also our responsibility. It is easy to blame others, governments or politics for our situation but the truth is that as a collective we are the neighborhood we co-exist in. Ponder that and let your next steps be guided by that perspective and see this challenging installation at Blue Sky's Nine gallery.

The Eclipse Show, curated by Christopher Rauschenberg at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland

The Eclipse Show, curated by Christopher Rauschenberg

With a keen eye for the spectacular in the conundrum of everyday life Christopher Rauschenberg assembled one of the best exhibits of the year. The human condition is worth paying attention to and the beauty is in the details that sometimes get lost in the chaos of the commercial news cycle. We are beautiful, unique and worth studying to get a better sense of what makes life worth its sacrifices so that future generations don't have to repeat over and over our misaligned visions of ourselves and the world around us.

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