Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Big 500 Show pictures from the Art frenzy part one

Art frenzy part one

The show must go on the art show that is but only if their art customers buying art. Lately art walks have become the hip thing to do but the art seems secondary which is unfair to the artists. Art is not entertainment but an enterprise that requires sales to keep artists above the poverty limits.

The Big 500 hundred is not about cheap art but about giving artist a platform to meet new collectors who hopeful are willing to value not just the bargain but also the effort that goes into making the art and to display it. In this process we are all codependent and the collector gets the joy of owning something original out of it that might become an heirloom for the family.

This show organized by Chris Haberman and Jason Brown is still up at Ford Gallery on Division Street but here are some pictures of the fun event that has already happened and provided a jolly good time for everybody involved.

photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer