Saturday, February 18, 2017

UNPRECIDENTED at Screaming Sky Gallery, Portland

Every four years we elect a new president and with it comes the struggle for identity not just as an individual but also as a country . What do we want to stand for as a society and are we going to cater to lowest denominator or our highest ideals together as an identifiable society. Fear is written big during these times and it is the artist choice to address these concerns from the various angels and art techniques that are available to us.
We have elected and allowed to elect a TV personality that was well know on his characters are well documented and were on display for everyone to observe. He become the 45th president of the USA and is making history as we breath the last breath of semi clean air.
The latest polls showed that 48 % approved of his handling of our affairs b=and 47 % disapprove. This means that we are in for the long haul and that artist once more have to be the watch dogs of our flailing democracy.

The capitalistic system is a dog eats dog debauchery and in that scenario we have to learn to pick the battles wisely but also not forget that only the high roads lead to unity. We are the future because we are allowing it to unfold under our eyes. We have to identify ourselves as the light bearers and guide the ones that are loosing under this system that enables the already rich to become also all powerful.

open for viewing on Presidents Day

more info at

Anne Bocci Boutique & Gallery, Portland

Anne Bocci Boutique & Gallery, Portland

Anne recently opened a new store in the Pearl featuring local designers, her own and other jewelery lines and art that caters to the finest tastes.
In her store you can find also Project runway winners Seth Aaron and Michelle Lesniak latest creations. She was named one of Portland's best boutiques five years in a row.

Right now Alexander Rokoff's art is on display and for sale also Anne Bocci's original oil paintings as well.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd with style and class Anne Bocci's boutique is the shopping head quarter for you.

more info at

7824 SW Capitol Hwy (in Multnomah Village)
Portland, OR 97219 
phone: 503 313-2839

Please stop in our NEW store 
Portland's NW Pearl District
416 NW 12th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

Saturday, February 11, 2017

"Update or Am I to old to become .. by Richard Schemmerer


Am I to old to become just a memory or a male prostitute? Hey if Clinton can be an extra on the Hangover two I can still sell my services to the highest bidder to bed gallery owners, collectors, museum directors or any other prosperous prospects. I do wonder if it is worth my sperm.

Oprah’s next show is called Masterclass and I wonder what she will teach.

--- Update she no owns weight watcher while she eats her self back into her thin self the artiest time to elevate or was it levitate the stock price. The other Oprah news is that she just dumped the Gustav Klimt she bought for 79 millions if 2006 for 150 millions while still preaching that you deserve to be a gazzilionair and have a talk show segment on 60 Minutes.

I am tired of being the deer in the head lights of someone else’s fame I want to be the deer in the lime light but does that sound embarrassing. I use to be adorable even lovable the question is will I still be able to find me under that dull surface.

I grew into myself when punk ruled high fashion and nobody needed anyone’s approval for ratings. I was not a demographic to be catered too I was above and below that at the same time. I knew it couldn’t stay like Studio 54 forever and Culture Club with Boy George where doomed from the beginning but Punk felt like a true religion challenging the established doctrines to set the senses afire.

Madonna came into power with spiked bosom and a gay sensibility that changed the game. The cabala was still a mystery teaching not a club for house wife’s. Julia Roberts still played a hot hooker not a traveling midwife to secondhand spirituality in eat pray and love. Bjorn rapped a stuffed Swan around her neck at the red carpet Oscars instead of servicing Matthew Barney and Barney was still the Cremaster not a dilettante painting with fish blood hanging from the side of a moving sail boat. Nobody could spell Formaldehyde before Damien Hirst drowned one half of a cow in it and put it on display in a glass container where it was sold for millions and is still being preserved under high cost for posterity. Patriotism and nationalism were still bad words reminding us of a misguided past, Gautier was young and fresh and irreverent and Alexander Mc Queen was barely born and now he is dead.

Nobody had heard of a real estate bubble and didn’t know what a short sale was. The Euro didn’t exist beyond a far out concept and Y2K was just an Orwellian fluke; nobody was able to Google anything yet or refresh their memory on Wikipedia and face book was called My Space and was un-cool. Welcome to the promise of 2011 the year before 2012 or what some call the last apocalypse before the next one.

--- Update welcome to 2017 where a realty star is the president of fucking un-united states of hyper space. Yes Hell has frozen over and the fat lady sang the song from Titanic yes the one that sank

Okay see you on Whats' Up, Snap chat or Instagram and lets make face time soon on Marco Polo.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Post card from Art Hell to the Dis Collective

No it was not the venue, the exhibit, a hot art fresh talent, a sexy German blond or a new gadget but an old man in a simple postal yellow suit that stole the show and made the drag that the art world has become all to obviously. What a great joke on the jokers the DIS collectives of the world the art monger and auction house whores, pardon my English.

He didn't care sure possibly empowered by a few Schnapps but who is counting who cares because nobody got the joke because they have given up their sense of self irony at the temple of art snobbery. Hail to the rebels who don't give a fuck if it matters.
My hats up for the mellow man in yellow at the biggest night in the German art year. The Biennale circus is more about the who wants to be seen by whom then the art because at the end everybody just bitches about the art mostly because they try to understand art and by doing so missing the point. In todays world of shifting parameters art that's easily understood is not art anymore but a product designed for a market usually of the moneyed.
Of course artists are seen like the horses ass nobody wants to really see. Horses are owned by well to do people and so are artists especially if we look at their employment through out history. So what's my beef? I have nor beef in this stew only that the pretenders are just that and it has to be said.
As the political climate changes some artist will ride the coat tales of the anti establishment or at least give lip service to it and others will go the more honest route and cater directly to the taste of the ones with the pent houses and Hollywood mansions.
And then their are the outliers that are tired of the lie and just are being themselves starving artist also called amateurs. Amateurs because if you can't make it as an artist you can't make it anywhere.

That brings me back to Berlin or Tokyo or LA and New York and all the Basel outposts that bombarded us with Art Fairs to get into to gawk not at the art but at the price tags. Am I barking to the wrong demographic possibly but the romantic notions attached to the art service industry is misplaced. Save the Romantic antics for your personal journal and smell the daisies they don't smell good.

Singularity is a word that comes to mind. The singular mind always tries to make sense out of things the group mind tries just to plainly dictate both are in desperate need for updating. we are stuck in the same argumentation mode and that means the wheel of fortune is going retrograde with every atom we split.

We have dated ourselves through our self indulged intellect and now the politics of the day mirror our stagnation. The technologies others invented for us overwhelm our sensibilities and lead to a consumer melt like a slushy of brain waves looking for a new brain that can contain all the trivial input and enables us to coexist in a multi tasking environment that only cares about the bottom line which is profit for the top in ranks.

Art yes back to Art and its exhibitionism as we stand in front of works created by others we feel empowered to become the judge in afield we have no expertise in just like the fat guy yelling from the side lines of the soccer field about the teams failure to produce the high of a goal. So what I am saying is that it is about the high and when we don't understand something we don't get a high but feel inferior which makes us angry that's why so many people are really angry at art and yes the how dare you become an artist type which leads to more artist make more angry art which has no buyers unless you are one of the ten famous living artists.

We are all stand ins for the dialog that unfolds like rose pedals laid out to dry on a hot field day in Mexico by cheap labor to be repacked in a fancy baggy with ribbon to be used at a pedal palooza for a wedding of a billionaire and his model escort from a former east block country to become years later the first lady of the most self important country in the world.