Sunday, April 30, 2017

Christian Ureta at Blue Sky Gallery

Volviendo a la Tierra


Christian Ureta at Blue Sky Gallery

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What is your sweet space, your point of equilibrium? Have you ever considered the cost to provide you with that and which part of the worlds population and what earthly environments are impacted by that?
We love top consume at the lowest cost possible but it has huge costs on others we never meet or even think about.

This exhibit is a stark reminder that even the smallest items we use and discard daily have been produced by others who sacrifice their life force for that to happen.

Monday, April 24, 2017

BUILD curated by Bruce Guenther at Elizabeth Leach Gallery

BUILD: Sculptural Ceramics
Curated by Bruce Guenther

Delicious vulgarity comes to mind when staring at these creature like sculpture. It's a little bit like sex , like watching sex frozen in a selfie, sex of plants that is. This exhibit is build around the inspirational oeuvre of Peter Voulkos so I gather but that is really not as important as the tangible delight these forms evoke in ones psyche. Like experimental excrements of our minds phantasy department we are forced to face our own standards of beauty and shelf our expectations as outdated modes manipulated by the cooperate beauty and taste factory. Just don't touch them but yes stare in wonder.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Ervin Johnson at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland

In honor
Ervin Johnson at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland

The point of this title is that their is no honor to stand by or just buy a t-shirt that points out that all life matters because it is not understanding the issue. Racism lives on and is well, it is rising again as Politian's fan this fire once more to swing voters their way and to take more rights away from the others that become victims of the prison industrial complex if not straight forward killed.
It is difficult to find ones own voice in this debacle but silence is not what is needed at this moment I history.
The saying is still true first they came first them and we thought glad it's not us but then they came for us and them was already gone to help us.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Portfunia -- a Satirical 01 -- a new breeding ground --

Portfunia is a SATIRE --
a hip breeding ground for diversity where everybody can feel equal unless you are different.
Breed is celebrated in its variety and bread baking styles from the old world "EUROPIA" competing with the latest developments in confectionary extravaganzas. We eat what we are namely to hip to consume anything but grain or grass fed. We got the water to do it right. Hipsters are free range and beards are the flag of independence from the need to conform.
We meet at Directors park for public displays of ballet, opera, symphony and fashion nights out. Even our street people have a new high rise entry to get sober in while runaway kids get an art education on the fly at PEAR.

Portfunia is a place that doesn't really exist but it should.
Beautiful enlightened people everywhere; a sexy Utopia an "Urbanopia" waiting to be build somewhere in your neck of the Urban woods.

Roboyat at Blackfish Gallery Portland


Merridawn and Geordie Duckler

Some exhibit leave you speechless some in a bad way other sin a good one.
This is the exception to the rule and it accomplishes both being somewhat an infringer on all taste buds.
It is intriguing enough to warrant our attention and is worth a visit because the presentation as sprawling as it seems intrigues with its details.

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