Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Portfunia -- a Satirical 01 -- a new breeding ground --

Portfunia is a SATIRE --
a hip breeding ground for diversity where everybody can feel equal unless you are different.
Breed is celebrated in its variety and bread baking styles from the old world "EUROPIA" competing with the latest developments in confectionary extravaganzas. We eat what we are namely to hip to consume anything but grain or grass fed. We got the water to do it right. Hipsters are free range and beards are the flag of independence from the need to conform.
We meet at Directors park for public displays of ballet, opera, symphony and fashion nights out. Even our street people have a new high rise entry to get sober in while runaway kids get an art education on the fly at PEAR.

Portfunia is a place that doesn't really exist but it should.
Beautiful enlightened people everywhere; a sexy Utopia an "Urbanopia" waiting to be build somewhere in your neck of the Urban woods.

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