Monday, December 18, 2017

Adrian Rosefeld Gallery at Minnesota Street Project by Richard Schemmerer

The marks we make is the mark we set to be reached out for by others. That is one kind of mark and then their is marking territory or just pure unencumbered playful marks that defy the sense of logic we depend on so much but hasn't given us the happiness it promised when we empowered it.

Found Abstraction by Richard Aldrich is a selection works that challenges our notion of what things are suppose to be or represent and reflect back to us the conditioning that is used as filter to make a concrete assessment of what is worth something in regard to being able to be translated as information.

"Erasing the Rules" Robert Rauschenberg at San Franciso MOMA museum of modern art

You can only erase the rules when you know the rules but this is not the case in this study of an artist's practice. He erased a De Kooning just to proof that art is worthless unless we understand its worth. He pushed the envelope of perceiving art to the outer rims of mindspace to show that what is identifiable is also just an imaginary trick our brain is good at.

The good is in the bad in the proliferation of fresh thoughts that eliminate the odor of old and stale thinking.

Some artists art born to challenge the norm of acceptability and in doing so allowing us to experience other versions of ourselves as well.
Taste is mutable and not fixed on the pallet of time. Perception shifts as the collective membrane is expanded by concepts of worth, value and price.
Rules are made to be abandoned like a sinking ship at the moment when society hits the icy dogma of an area that masks itself as freedom but peddles Fascism at the end of the day claiming to save us from the end times.
Artists are the flag wavers to alarm us to become our own heroes and now is one of these moments not to be missed.
"It's time to erase the old rules once more and write a fresh chapter that serves more then the self declared elite.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

San Francisco Beat -- Brain beach comber by Richard Schemmerer

Brain Beach

Visit and explore new territory but let it be inside your brains world to be like a beach comber.
Magic happens when you allow yourself to renew your patterns of thinking to see the old with fresh eyes and gain information that is relevant in the now. The place where the world explains itself is not out side of us but inside when we start to feel how it makes us feel.

The thinking doesn't matter in this case because thinking is like a game of tag that hands blame and responsibility forward. We can't blame others for how they make us react inside because we give them the power but we also can take that back by detaching ourselves from preconceived outcomes.

photography by Richard Schemmerer