Friday, December 14, 2018

ME Collectors Room --The Olbricht Collection Berlin

300 works by 60 artist give us an overview of the taste of a vivid collector. Lots of Art photography shines in this exhibit by capturing the allure of the light even if it manifested in human form.
Already by now iconic artists are represented spanning some amazing art epochs to give us a playful juxtaposition in the curation of this project. It is an intelligent show that mixes and matches what is seemingly unfit to stand next to each other but renews by doing so its artistic message.

ME Collectors Room --The Olbricht Collection Berlin
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Saturday, October 27, 2018

PDX goes Off Beat : Berlin impressions 01 by Richard Schemmerer

Berlin is not a super metropolis with out heart. It might still have a center but it has a lovely village feel of course I mean that in an urban sense. Every part seems autonome but at the same time reflect a certain liberal leaning Experimentism that allows for the induvial to develop a sense of place and yes offers a reality check of what is truly possible. Not everything is green in this German capital and their is a constant weeding out happening from the dreamers to the idealists who soon find that no place contains the utopia they imagine but never the less one can build one here temporary to proof ones ability to manifest. Berlin is the most un-german city which makes it especially desirable to visit as multiple histories overlay and compete for our attention.