Friday, December 1, 2017

"Rather This, Then" dance performance by Jermaine Spivey and Spenser Theberge

Rather This, Then
A new creation by Jermaine Spivey and Spenser Theberge

this marvelous performance piece explores ideas of communication and its pitfall when we indulge in assumptions based on our own needs for validation or just our desire to control another being.

Identity perceptions are on display, are confronting the audience's role as passive observer or the dancers role to perform and entertain for a certain value which nobody has really agreed on upfront. All physical attributes are used with voice seemingly the anchor and guide that lead the mind onto a rollercoaster. My brain waves danced with the two beautiful male dancers that found a harmonic convergence in their movements that was awe inspiring. I almost went on stage to dance with them to show them how its done if its not this but that.

"Babylon" Benoit Fournier at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland

Babylon by
Benoit Fournier

What is Babylon or what is our personal Babylon is a more appropriate question, Babylon meant the gates of God or gods and yes today we have many such gates to go threw. Some are more like the gates of hell. Each neighborhood is its own Babylon with various cultures clashing for domination. We have so many towers of bale now but mostly the are erected in our head as if god lives in each one of us and speaks only to us. Of that is the case isn't it or is mostly intellectual babble that fills the void God left behind.

This Babylon is in Brazil in Rio De Janeiro and is blessed with imperfection and the laws that run through the veins of our blood were survival makes you fit or kills your spirit.

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Lucinda Parker at Russo Lee Gallery

"Knowledge is not the enemy" paintings by Lucinda Parker

A painting is not just a painting especially if it is by Lucinda Parker. It is more like an opera where one color dies into the other to create new life just to be ravaged by Natures power again.
These paintings have gravitas and they are luminous without being decorative. This is power captured by brush and paint imprisoned onto a canvas so we to can participate in this visual orgy that satisfies not just the mind but also the soul.

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Soul Dishing by Richard Schemmerer

"Twin souls on the way to mastering oneness thinking" dyptich by Richard Schemmerer

Soul Tour de force or soul dishing

Creativity within the frame work or creativity with the frame uses just about the same amount of energy to be within working to sustain it or to make a new frame.
The law of attraction calls you find out what the laws of your intuition are by that I mean going beyond trying to manifest a parking space or sex date but to find out what your place in the 3 D world is and how the body feels and then change the location or state of mind if necessary if it doesn't provide a proof of rootedness in ones self and in ones dimension. Once intuition is activated and confirmed through a feeling the compliance of the intellect can assist in defining the first steps on the road to manifestation.

Often we cop out to quickly when we feel we don't resonate the way we envision it rather then finding communalities and build a world out of that.

The paradigm wont shift as we expect it unless we allow a shift in us first, that means to take down the frame that contains but also limits the picture we want to create.

When we dance together we don't care what our language is or our beliefs are all we need is an ear for the rhythm of the beat of life. If we don't know the steps we still can free style next to each other to express fully and whole heartedly our creative force. The intention is to find ground to celebrate the variety of ways to live our individuality but also our collective dream because our own prosperity can only exist within a context of a greater perspective.

Paradigm, what is the meaning of that is a valid question as we use terms and try to guess our way through it like in a dark hallway. A paradigm is a collective box we all stick our head in and it contains all sorts of preconceived notions of what life is and what society should look like. Most is based on second hand knowledge, hearsay, superstition, historical factoids that might or might not be true and often not but become a self fulfilling prophecy if not called out as a lie. Additionally it's our own way of understanding or misunderstanding the signs of the time adjusted to the Zeitgeist against our better instincts.
Their are many channels and messengers competing for our attention and in the process we find ourselves filled up with pointless information regarding possible future out comes but they have mostly nothing to do with our own personal references regarding our immediate well being and the manifestation of lets say a happy spirt fulfilled life soul cycle.

Yes we want to belong but we need to create what we want to belong too in our imagination first and then manifest it rather then giving up our power to false group mentalities. All of our energy will be used up to reclaim what we have invested in vain.
We are afraid to challenge the status quo but don't take responsibility for our fear and engage in silly blame games that serve as a distraction to take real action.

A Paradigm shift means a re-questioning of established values on their merit. We don't have to discredit them either but prove if they still contain enough validity for us to be maintained as we progress through self education, technology, medical and digital means that supersede old forms of knowledge and modes of thinking.

The how and why we live will change or need to change purposefully when the ecosystem we live in has ceased to support a healthy relationship with ourselves and the world we depend on.

Paradoxically that shift is what we most want but also most avoid because it indicates that the past has led us down a wrong path or that we mislead ourselves. This is not necessarily true, all it means is that it has stopped being a valid option.

The good news is that in todays world we have the option to opt out of that old stinking thinking. Yes we can attract benevolent results and can practice deep into mastery as we nourish our soul source with beliefs that regenerate the spring of our power and help us to elevate our state of engagement as the attractors that we are born to represent.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Flower power by Richard Schemmerer

\Flowers awaken a sense of gratitude in us for the abundance around us and give us a sense of being part of nature to help to create a shift in human perception occurring simultaneously from utility focused to beauty centric to awe inspiring.
There is a lot to say about the essence of flowers. It can provide key components to the “Dopamine Regulation” with our body being a work in progress”.
The right brain hemisphere is never wrong but not always correct. Not everyone is totally right or left brained controlled. The right brain hemisphere deals with intuition and is the fluid, spontaneous part of the brain. It can remember pictures, voices and faces. It has the ability to simultaneous think and feel. It is the hemisphere that has boundary perception and prefers everything that happens in the now with almost no sense of time and wants to be a participant instead of being a spectator.
Everything we do is to satisfy our need for connection but sometimes the left brain tells us to disconnect and to try to control rather then to intuit what is the best out come for us. Like when we fall in love with the impossible and miss out on loving what is possible right now for us and is sharable with others. Flowers are the symbol of beauty, a beauty that needs no reason to exist but just is and then fades away to become part of all that is once more. This is the act when we die to the selves we have created during a life time and then we hope to get an achievement award for it as if life was an Oscar worthy movie. Look at bouquet of flowers and feel the power it transmit to bring joy and then become that joy that goes out in the world. We have flower power in us and we give of smell like pheromones that attract like. All we need is to trust into our own beauty and focus not on what the standardized norm projects.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

SOUL/ART instincts an exploration in abstraction by Richard Schemmerer

SOUL /ART Instincts an exploration in abstraction

The process is the medium. The artist is the creator of the opportunity for the viewer to engage with the invisible made perceivable. The artist is the receiver, the channel and the maker. Our instinct is to dismiss Art as frivolous expression, a first world luxury but Art really rises out of the belly of poverty that is starved for more than intellectual gimmicks. ART mimics the soul the inviable part that strives to be recognized as available entity within our system of judgement

Who am I to write such things, invent them as if I knew what art is suppose to do to us, for us, within us and outside, in the world around us. Or claim that the soul exists within and can be observed as such through interrogation of the self that is not just made up from the Ego parts but also of on intuitive entity that is connected to a greater good and knowledge.

At Least I can throw out these questions just like abstract artists throw paint on a canvas to make us contemplate the reason for our existence and the parts that feed us like in soul food.

So yes, there is an artist in each one of us, the sleeping giant that really never sleeps but just pretends because in reality he is the one that creates it. A reality like out of thin air or polluted air or just gaseous air. Anything that makes the imagine tangible. We are invested by the visions we have of our self and our environment.

The soul starves for us so we can live an egocentric life but times are not as they seem to be if we pay attention. The soul has never died but I s ever present evger willing to rise within ourselves that are hungry for a deeper experience then the media outlets try to force us to belief.

Art is not only splitting our brains but also the essence of existence around us as we invent and reinvent it with every single thought we string together like a chain reaction.

The brain is the tool that captures imagination for us to filter our reflection through it because we are the passion we put into it, into the viewing of life through Art and the soul space we open up for.

We are life's animators. As artists we face our fears not with defensive mechanisms but with creativity and with tools to show us that the base instincts don't have to be linked to brut actions but can be elevated to sooth us with creamy strokes of color that lead us back to the root of beauty which births itself out of the chaos into form and symbols we can recognize and translate so that the soul within us can dance unafraid of the ramifications of our daily programming.

Art is the instincts is such a project that presents us with raw expressions contained in perceivable formats. The magical is not hidden but exposed because magic is not what we can explain but that which is unconceivable to the mind but hopefully not to the heart.

No we don't need all to be artists but can be soul brothers to enter into his mindset. By looking at Art we can peek behind the veil of consciousness and yes become part of the art and soul become a piece of art ourselves that we create accordingly so we can feel at home in our bodies as well as in any p[lace of our choosing because at the end all that counts is that we intuitively choose were our soul is nourished.
Yes Ken Spurlock's Art is for sale.