Saturday, February 18, 2017

UNPRECIDENTED at Screaming Sky Gallery, Portland

Every four years we elect a new president and with it comes the struggle for identity not just as an individual but also as a country . What do we want to stand for as a society and are we going to cater to lowest denominator or our highest ideals together as an identifiable society. Fear is written big during these times and it is the artist choice to address these concerns from the various angels and art techniques that are available to us.
We have elected and allowed to elect a TV personality that was well know on his characters are well documented and were on display for everyone to observe. He become the 45th president of the USA and is making history as we breath the last breath of semi clean air.
The latest polls showed that 48 % approved of his handling of our affairs b=and 47 % disapprove. This means that we are in for the long haul and that artist once more have to be the watch dogs of our flailing democracy.

The capitalistic system is a dog eats dog debauchery and in that scenario we have to learn to pick the battles wisely but also not forget that only the high roads lead to unity. We are the future because we are allowing it to unfold under our eyes. We have to identify ourselves as the light bearers and guide the ones that are loosing under this system that enables the already rich to become also all powerful.

open for viewing on Presidents Day

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