Thursday, March 9, 2017

"The end seems closer in the rare view mirror" by Richard Schemmerer

"Self portrait of an terminal optimist" art by Richard Schemmerer

The end seems closer in the rare view mirror by Richard Schemmerer

I lost some identity by pleasing cultural trends and now while the Empire crumbles I want out. The masquerade ball is over and in brought daylight the lines on my face are showing the way. Usually men shave their heads or buy a fast car and I might follow that route later but first I give it one more push to push me into the lime light. It is time to loose the old mans attitude and to bring out my game face.

Nothing has unraveled yet all the factors are still in place. There is still a future in waiting a hope to draw strength from. No I am not forgetting the past but I am also not continuing to live it. I want to experience myself in a new way the way of tomorrow. I want to meet the unknown me the undefined one to make me once more raw in the head instead of hung up and smoked out.

I want to remember again with every breath of who I am what label I wear what cologne enhances my masculinity which hair cut lets me be a player and what books are tickling everyone’s funny bone. Feed me to the wolves if you want to and I'll come back stronger to tell about it. I want my tongue to taste life again like a first lick of blood that taught me what I like or don’t like. I am pushing all my silly buttons at once and watch the Jack in my Box bounce with excitement. I am having my Grace Jones moment I never left but I am still having a comeback and it will make Kenny Scharf’s world look pale in comparison.

I am the fish the salmon that returns to span for one last time for one last hurray to return forever in the eternal ocean.

The pieces are there now I have to set them in place to serve as my back drop. This is going to be a celebration in the midst of chaos and what ever will happen will be left I’ll use to rebuilt the world maybe not as we know it but as we get to know it.

My juices are boiling with a historical fire I learned about while this knowledge was still available. It was transmitted from person to person mentor to pupil and is not currently available for sure not on the Net.

I can make myself feel good by not holding back the best parts of my self not holding back of who I am because I can’t please everyone anyway. The final frontier is not space but it is the brain and its juice factory.

Attitude is the calling card tolerance the mantra.

I am developing into a human being not a human doing. I am designed to inspire so I might as well do it.

The end seems closer in the rare view mirror so its time to leave it behind.

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