Sunday, March 19, 2017



"Just a normal day in paradise"
photography and head piece by Richard Schemmerer

Okay lets give this a try and interact. Portfunia Unleashed is a page I started awhile ago but it never got of the ground. Maybe the time is now in the ye of the impending end of good times. Portfunia is looking for the last remnants of the signs of the time the signs of the unleashed. As we are all herded around the daily news bowl and chow down what's served up piping hot we lost track of the creatively outrages inspiring uplifting works many are still engaging in or conspiring to do. The Arts are being cut not just like in circumcised but basically chopped like in Bobbitt of the Art body which is us.
Doing art is always an act of resistance to a system that is mostly enamored with control of mind body and our wallets. This doesn't have to an act of cry babe but can empower what we wrongly term soul but is in actuality a part of our intellect that is always searching for ways to express itself. If this channel is blocked by ourselves or others disease can manifest.
PORTFUNIA will go out on the streets of Portland and keep this queer light alive. WEIRD is good but not enough to be weird just for its own sake is narcissism. What I am looking for is a PULSE that is collective in Nature .
A sorts of renaissance of our highest ideals and greatest hits of human potential.
Yes that's a lofty goal but we have been dumbed down so we have to make up ground. Art is the holy ground we can meet on and prosper together.
Art not for arts sake but art that has a budget that can be used to counter act the upheaval the future is presenting us with.
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