Sunday, June 26, 2016

Akademie Der Kuenste, Berlin -- Children in Exile -- by Richard Schemmerer

Akademie Der Kuenste, Berlin -- Children in Exile -- by Richard Schemmerer

Children in Exile

Exile is when we are displaced from our birth place for whatever reason and forced to experience a different culture. This in it self is not a bad thing but it becomes more complicated if it happens because our home land becomes a war zone. In this case the exhibit talks about the past and the damage or challenges the children of now considered famous parents were exposed to.

Life is not always fair and maybe some of us think that leaving in exile has some romantic components and gives us room for growth. In truth it sets a psychological nightmare in gear that transforms the human from its destined path onto a detour and the original person is forever lost in the process.

This presentation highlights the true victims of war namely the children and many of todays children don't have famously talented parents that are welcomed in their new homelands with prestige but more the opposite they are seen as intruders in a shark tank and only observed us invaders but as the past teaches us we don't know the potential of each individual and in that regard we need to see them as treasures to our society rather then as a diminishment even if we lose some of our own heritage. The price is that we gain in humanity because in todays world borders are artificial as we had towards the understanding that the Earth belongs to all. What is called for is hearts without borders and minds free of prejudice.

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photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer

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