Friday, October 7, 2016

PDX Art Unleashed "Dead Artists never .." at Gallery 135 by Richard Schemmerer

Dead Artists never die seems the motto of this amazing show that honors the dead, the day of the dead and the dead musicians that inspired us and guided us through big parts of our life's to uplift us from the morass of society.
Not every artist aspired to be a role model but their songs spoke to us anyway. This is a wonderful exhibit that validates their creativity and commitment to follow their own dreams to help us to establish our own.
Music was for many of us our first love and through it we grew into fully fledged humans that are able to deal with the emotional pitfalls of life because the singers always showed us a way out from the doom and gloom that every epoch confronts us with.

Alea Ahwahnee Bone dared to share her vison and that of many local artists who got inspired to create representations of the essence of the many heroes that have past to early. The songs are with us as witness to their genius and hopefully the new crop of musicians will put as much effort and thought into their craft as these legends.

photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer

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