Saturday, June 4, 2016

Frederike von Cranach at Magic Beans Gallery, Berlin

Frederike von Cranach at Magic Beans Gallery, Berlin

Frederike von Cranach


at Magic Beans Gallery, Berlin

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Life is like oxygen was a song in the 80ties. Life is like Nature allows us to be it. In the 80ties we knew that if we continue on the path taken since antiquity we would decimate the planet to a degree that would make it inhabitable for humans to live in its natural environment. This exhibit by Frederike von Cranach reminds us that we are at a stopping point and that the wheel has turned not in our favor but rolled over us by our own doing.
At the same token it tells us a story of a planet that is able to reinvent itself and besides its power to destroy has also an uncanny ability to balance what has been turned upside down.
Ansammlungen describes a bio-morphic system that builds on each other rather then to dominate each other. At the core is a plane that is turned into a structure, turned into art, turned into a teachable moment turned into a philosophy of beauty and sustainability.

The sea is all around us and we are in it we are part of it and now we are called to save ourselves by saving our environment not just physically but also mentally because as we have polluted our surroundings we also have polluted our innerings.
So to bring it all to a point not of no return but of new perspectives like this plant at the core of this art presentation we are called to become Egagropoli, to become the connecting lines by taking each others hands as we already altered every surface of the Earth not to the better of it. Now we are not called we are ordered by our inner dignity to step into our higher self the one that thinks besides the Selfie and to repair the eco system of our three dimensional world by addressing the problems with four dimensional thinking.

photography by Richard Schemmerer
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