Thursday, June 16, 2016

9th Berlin Biennale: I_Selfie by Richard Schemmerer

9th Berlin Biennale: I_Selfie by Richard Schemmerer

curtesy of New York–based artist collective DIS (Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso, and David Toro

I_Selfie could be the title of this years Berlin Biennale or maybe even of the sensibilities of the time.
We are the star in our own life time movie because technology has become available that is affordable for the ordinary Buerger.
Nothing every changes in our psyche only technology has changed the way we live but not the way we think.
Our survival instinct seeps through even in this highly contemporary environment we use as our urban playground. The winner takes center stage but this time its one own musical to a stolen soundtrack. Everything is repackaged as less than original content but who cares its a free society , free to destroy its won principles.

The mirror society is mirroring itself and has become its own enemy. We vote for what's bad for us and for the world we need to live in based on slogans not even fit for a t-shirt or a rally cry and nobody is laughing because we are to busy texting.

No wait that sounds very pessimistic and pessimism is so the last wasted generation. This time we have an escape and its virtual by that I mean virtually just a device away with our conscience uploaded and swiped clean from all scruples or feelings of self doubt that still inhibit us to fully expose not just the underbelly of our psyche or the navel of our upbringing but the genitalia of our self obsession as well.

I Selfie describes a generation of psycho masturbators all happy to post the results on any online platform available. Disenchantment is the new enchantment disenfranchised the latest franchise to like into. We are hyper linked without realizing that we are just milked as usually of our energy resource soul capacity but this time we are helping by providing the contents to our own enslavement. The only ones laughing might be the curators.

photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer
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