Sunday, June 5, 2016

9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art --Opening the window by Richard Schemmerer

9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art


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--Opening the window--

In this day and age of the digital selfie revolution a simple window is more interesting then any gadget in the world. The fact is we like to look at each other because we are amazing in the sense that we are self aware. This causes us to contemplate the very nature of our existence and leads to all the good and bad things we experience on a daily base. Of course nothing is inherently good or bad it just is just like contemporary Art is not about liking the opposite is true if you like it something is not right about it.
When you like something you stop thinking you stop questioning and you loose interest. The simplest facts are sometimes the hardest to comprehend that's why we like to look out of windows even if it is like in this case a toilet window during the opening night of the 9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art.
hope you are aware yes that word again of that fact that almost everyone stared down at the masses below that wanted to get in but couldn't but once they where inside to see the art they wanted to look back down out of the window back at time as it unraveled itself in this moment of celebration of Art.

Art is this window or is a window, a window that reverses the paradigm and allows us to look inside of us what we have stored away there like a treasure of feelings and reams and hatefulness all alike.
So I open window to the heart with this prolog of sorts a reminder that we are each others windows. Great I succeeded in using the word window more often in one short essay then ever before in my entire life.
Next I'll present us with doors not to walk through but to hold open for others not to lock them behind us in fear. We are more than the some of our incomes or spending power more then the education granted to us and more then a finger that is able to push a button for like or dislike. we are the people of the future and at is that time of the year when art invites us to look deeper then the surface of the painting and further then the three dimensional world we have become so use to that we are trying to escape it through artificial means.

photography and copyright by Richard schemmerer
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