Monday, May 16, 2016

PDX/Berlin presents 'Organiche/Geometriche': Valentina Bardazzi

PDX ART/Berlin Art Blog presents

'Organiche/Geometriche': Valentina Bardazzi at The Ballery, Berlin

photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer

Valentina Bardazzi at The Ballery, Berlin


is an exhibition, is an invitation to look closer at life and Art and where it overlaps to create a symbiotic relationship that benefits society as awhole.

Italian artist Valentina Bardazzi has the education ,talent, skill and craft to translate for us the symbolism of the old masters so we can see anew and participate not just as viewers but also as thinkers.

What we see is more than just replicas of the familiar but a cornucopia of styles that don't shy away from geometric mathematics or the organically by chance splotch of coffee with its own logic of pattern making and yes beauty. All of her works are literally drenched in unashamed beauty as if she tries to remind us that yes the ordinary is nothing but such.

We have become blind to the natural wonders us included and Art is the road sign that will never cease to point us back to the roots.
Artist like Valentina continue in the tradition of Michael Angelo but this time free from the control or monopoly from church or state and are so enabled to lead us towards a world of self-expression and yes with all its own shortcomings.

'Organiche/Geometriche' breaks down the norm in normal and reinvestigates its potential for variation. Beauty and decay are not set in contrast to each other other but in harmony. In doing so the old paradigm shifts from the body as a tragic vehicle destined to decompose to the creation of new compositions out of the torn and worn as base for fresh life full of untamed visions.

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photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer
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