Monday, May 30, 2016

SEEING Art in Berlin -- Museum The Kennedys

SEEING Art in Berlin -- Museum The Kennedys

SEEING Art in Berlin

Now you see now you don't. Images are only as good as our judgements which lead our awareness of what is or isn't essential or inspiring or revolutionary or bizarre.
What if the very thing you are staring at right now is the key to the house of happiness but you just look past it or glance at it with a label attached in your mind that says not of value to me anymore.

Recently a young man laid down his reading glasses on the floor of a museum, the reason is not important. The point is that people started to assume things like that these ordinary run of the mill even cheap glasses are special. They caught some else's attention and in the context of being in a museum he started to take photographs of it and others joined all in the assumption that it was Art and part of the display.

Now don't rush to judgement and say stupid people maybe they are smart they participated rather than being passive observers or professional judgers.

The photographs you are seeing in this contextual art presentation are part of a great building that houses a great restaurant, fabulous art galleries and a museum not just any but called the Kennedy Museum which of course brings up associations in us from the news that has infiltrated every aspect of our lives even if it is old news.

In my case I was more inspired by the furniture in the space then the art display and in my mind at least I elevated them into the sphere of high brow art. I was able to that because I have very expensive camera that can elevate even a pimple on ones face to a beauty mark.

Contemplate your navel not to waste time but to come to fresh realization every time you feel inspired to do so. Don't just run around with your cell phone camera and take quick pics. That's like stealing and then throwing the fruit away.

Seeing art in Berlin is like smelling the roses in a flower shop sure it is artificial but it is as close as we get to reality without leaving it.

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