Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New York Love Affair by Richard Schemmerer

" ELNS Empty love nest syndrome" photography by Richard Schemmerer

NY love affair

you saw you came you conquered
you left me behind like a world
that had given you the opportunity
that was now to small to satisfy you
you came as a wide eyed country kid
to step past me like a cruel joker that
was dealt a better hand to play with
I burned my tongue on your hot body
and all I am left with are blisters to proof
that it was real even if it was to good
to last to be true to be worth the effort
I never saw it coming that I changed you
so fast that even betrayal was not the cause
but the ravenous heart of youth that had
sucked my tainted aged blood like a freebie
when it was meant as life line for both of us
ah New York you did it again to lull me in
only to spit me back out like a chewed out gum
like a cheap Sex in the City tryst not worth
to be cried over to be sullen like a spurned
lover to keep repeating like the sequel of a soap
and now I see you happy your daily updates
on Facebook that used to contain my face
while my updates are now of the cats and dogs
of the lonely once more in the midst of the
this huzzle and buzzle like bees craving for
attention because we all have this disorder
that we want we need to be loved in some
weird way that makes us unhappy even
when we are finally find that love for awhile
a love that is only visiting like a tourist a
big city excited full of electricity to dive in
head over heels even with a naked soul
to bath in its spoiled unique colors and flavors
like tasting from the essence of a new lover
only to get tired of its all to willing sweetness
a love that becomes a prison of wants
a self fulfilling nightmare where one is relieved
to have escaped and the other graven in sorrow

copyright by Richard Schemmerer
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