Monday, May 29, 2017

Portfunia -- The Hype -- by Richard Schemmerer

Where their is smoke their is hype. Portfunia is not hype free is not without its own little messy scandals. We are not what we pretend to be; sometimes we are better other times we fall short like in sin as it is called in the outside world. We have major who was blind sided by a youthful devil and now has to go back to the private sector. We occupy parks and invite run away youths to set up camp and do art at places called P>E>A>R. We build it and they came like the junkies who line up on Broadway to get a replacement drug for their coffee addiction. We named the latest marginalized neighborhood Pearl and made it an oasis for the wanna be rich crowd who sip latte's at Love Joy cafe while rapid transit mauls over innocent pedestrians high on NW drizzle.
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