Friday, September 1, 2017

Send in the art clowns by Richard Schemmerer

Send in the art clowns by Richard Schemmerer

The meaning of art is not in the art itself but in the masterminding a society has allowed to happen. Art is difficult is a statement I've seen circulated but art is not difficult per se but only in the spectrum of limited understanding conditioned by dumbing down society for political purposes based on a need to control the masses.

Art is like medication when absorbed correctly free of the need to judge on a like or dislike base which is a derogative behavior based on limited self-esteem that tries to elevate itself.
Nothing is needed to feel art but a willingness to be open to the interpretation of ones subconscious which has stored all the information needed to let the self reflect on the presented visual stimulation. Art is the flower in the asphalt jungle we have build around us for convenience and out of fear of Nature. We tried to tame Nature and now we try to tame art because both constantly threaten our limited beliefs of what life is all about which is an abundance of possibilities all waiting to manifest even if it is just for a brief moment.

Does art exist without the observing critic seems a logical question but our logic is limited to beliefs that have mostly no base in reality but indulge in superstition.
In a reversal of logic encouraged by a plagued by poverty social system we turn the artist into a clown destined to entertain us, amuse us or shock us, nevertheless the artist is seen in a subordinate position like being topped by a mass of ignorance.

Art is the aphrodisiac we try to find in the many pills we consume by the trillions on a daily base.
The simply act of witnessing can lead to a break through in any personally disorder and once we see artists as the shaman doctors they truly are we can indulge in hope. If we fail to do so this empirical system won't last either just like the pervious ones which we are now only able to admire through its remnants in the art that is left behind.

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